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Soap Box: Oct. 6-12 

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Cover Story, Oct. 6
"The Weather Inside"

I am so happy to hear someone is sharing his story.
Shantelle Perry Argyle
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Opinion, Oct. 6
"Solving Homelessness"

This is not an issue only impacting the homeless. I work a good job and in any other area could afford to buy a house. In SLC I can only afford to share a small condo. It's sad I could live in California cheaper than SLC. Something is seriously wrong here.
Paul DeBock

Blog, Sept. 30
"Animal Testing Death at U Sparks Federal Warning"

In this article, the University of Utah's veterinarian actually claimed, "Many of the animals that are kept as pets have much tougher lives than the animals we care for here." This is strange to hear since I've never known one person who's ever kept their companion animals in a cage, cut their skulls open, placed them in restraint chairs unable to move, deprived them of water or food, drugged them, infected them with artificial disease, poisoned them with chemicals, etc., and then killed them.

Typically, when a violation of the Animal Welfare Act is brought to light by the media, the laboratory's talking heads always claim they love their animals dearly and that all their research is approved and overseen by this or that federal agency, but I've never heard a spokesperson utter such a blatant lie as this.

In 2016 alone, I have exposed over 30 serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act at laboratories all over the U.S. I could spend all day finding numerous noncompliances due to negligence, disregarding regulations and quite possibly, lack of empathy. There are not nearly enough USDA inspectors to cover the thousands of laboratories (and other businesses that use and confine animals) to make sure those entrusted with animal care are following the rules and handling with compassion. One or two inspections a year simply will not protect the millions of animals in laboratories.

Yet, animal experimenters continually try to sell the argument to the public that these animals, who were unfortunate enough to be born into vivisection, are well cared for.

Finally, regardless if animals in labs were treated well, many are wild animals subjected to living in cold, metal boxes and when they are no longer of use to the school, they are killed. So, when I hear vivisectors profess how great lab animals have it, it's incredibly difficult to believe them.
Jodie Wiederkehr, Founder of Center For Ethical Science

Blog, Oct. 14, "SLC Council to Take on Homelessness, Affordable Housing"
Interesting! I work for the state and I certainly don't make enough to afford housing according to this. I'm glad this topic is getting attention. I look forward to hearing the outcome.
Brittney Hemingway
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A&E, Oct. 6, "A Strange Primer"
I know next to nothing about Dr. Strange, but I'm excited for the movie and your article added to my interest.
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Straight Dope, Oct. 6, "Has the United States ever had a presidential candidate who said things as outrageous as Donald Trump has this year?"
There sure has been. Those candidates are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in recent years.
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Free Will Astrology, Oct. 6 "Psychological Achievements"
Hi. Astrology isn't real.
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"Going out on enough dates with yourself?" You gotta know who you are and what you want.
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SLCPD's Failures
Stephen Dark's reporting on Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) officer Dax Shane ["Street Justice," Sept. 29, City Weekly] exposes not just shocking behavior by the officer himself, but also a deeply inadequate culture at the SLCPD.

Officer Shane testified in court that he spread a false rumor that a homeless man was a police informant in hopes that the homeless man would be assaulted by other men in the homeless community. Is Officer Shane truly incapable of beating up a simple vagrant? Law enforcement officers across the country assault, injure and even kill people far more able to defend themselves every single day! Officer Shane should be ashamed of himself for failing to personally settle any scores he might have with the citizens of Salt Lake City.

Furthermore, as cities across the country look with pride on police forces that deliver the pain to drug dealers, drug users, people who look like they might be drug users and a fair number of random citizens, Mr. Dark's reporting makes clear that the SLCPD doesn't even try to systematically commit and cover up murder by its force.

Salt Lake City might never be able to match Chicago or Los Angeles in terms of corruption and violence, but surely our police and the elected officials who oversee them have a duty to at least try.
For shame, SLCPD; for shame.
J'myle Koretz,
Salt Lake City

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