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Soap Box: Oct. 26-Nov. 1 

#fakenews, Taxpayer dollars and more.

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Hits & Misses, Oct. 26, "#fakenews"
You really should do your homework and study what those stories are all about, simply by following the links provided, providing you even looked beyond the headline. Your attempt at labeling others for publishing fake news points to your own false and shallow views. D-News has mud on their face, but not as much as you do.
Ed Wallace

A&E, Oct. 26, "All Hallows' Evenings"
Hope everyone will take a minute to read this article about the vision, creation and organization of Fear Con.
Patti Hardle
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Thanks for the great article!
Michael Hardle
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Dine, Oct. 26, "Atypical Indian"
We just went there tonight. The food was amazing! And the chai tea latte was the best I've ever had.
Alisha Ohmann
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True TV, Oct. 26, "Downside Up"
Season 1 [of Stranger Things] was great. I'm binging on some Mario Odyssey first. I'll get to Stranger Things sooner or later.
Richard Humberg
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Taxpayer dollars
So, the Canyons school district is asking the voters to approve a $283 million bailout to upgrade the schools that they have ignored for more than 30 years. The best part is that they are calling it "tax neutral," which means we will never have to pay this back. If this is true, why are we even voting on this? I will tell you why: If you borrow $283 million, someone has to pay it back. Guess who that will be? You guessed right; it will be the taxpayers, again. Anyone that thinks that we won't get stuck with this bill should think again. We have watched for the last 30 years as school districts waste millions of our tax dollars, while the people on top are pulling in six-figure salaries. It is time that they learn to balance their checkbook the way we are expected to, without the taxpayers bailing them out, again.
Tony Pignanelli
Cottonwood Heights

Leave tweeting to the president
I was reading the Oct. 19 edition, and came across the Soap Box page that allows people to respond to articles. After reading many helpful and interesting comments by the public, I read several comments submitted via Twitter that were unworthy of your paper. When people write out intelligent, well-founded ideas they are a benefit to your readers, but you are aware that some people these days will use social media as a place to rant and belch out idiotic things without reprisal. The ability to hide one's identity makes people feel that they can say any inflammatory thing and not have to justify their remarks or answer to them. Comments from @genrezero, @fredaschmauch, @carlial921, Carrie Teeter Ewing are not of any benefit to the conversation that your writers began, and there is no value in giving them voice, other than sensationalism and vice (loving argument for its own sake.)

I hope you will consider your own paper worthy of public discussion that is thoughtful, and give your writers the respect they deserve by publishing comments that are worth discussion. I hope to find many more interesting and worthwhile articles and comments in your publication.
Chad Christensen,

Correction, Opinion, Nov. 2, "Utah Political Lessons": Though they are giants in their field, required height minimum during the time the writer attempted to join the NYPD was 5-foot-8, not 7-foot-8.

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