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Soap Box: Oct. 19-25 

Comments on satanism, Bears Ears reduction and more.

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Cover story, Oct. 19, "Satanists Are People, Too"
Fascinating article. I have known many of the local satanists and it's encouraging to see them portrayed as the thoughtful souls that they are.
Kyle Rayner

Love the love given to our satanic friends, but what about the rest of us pagans, necromancers included? Maybe an article?
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This is ridiculous. What the hell is the state coming to? God is greater than any being. Nothing better to represent besides Satan worshipers. Appalling. And God is watching.
RosaLee Berry
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Saw this cover today when I grabbed lunch, and felt my spirits soar. Knowing there are Christians all over the state just shitting their pants over this ... honestly, it just really brightened my shitty day.
Zachary Douglas Brown
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A "god" is a god—no matter what you call them—and it is equally ridiculous to "worship" any of them. I just hope satanists are smart enough not to vote for someone like Trump, unlike most Christians.
Jared Lee
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The argument of "whose fairytale is better" always amuses me.
Bob Bruse
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One thing is certain: Satanist are Democrats.
Merlin Berns
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Satan's a pretty cool dude—obviously stands for anti-authority and all that fun stuff. But to believe in any of that biblical shit about him, you would have to first admit the bible is real, and that's just ridiculous.
Ryan McCauley
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News, Oct. 19, "Fight or Flight"
It's a shame the city isn't this forgiving with, say, families who are struggling financially and can't afford to pay their bills. It's time to re-evaluate some priorities, especially if ZAP doesn't think The Leonardo offers relevant cultural or artistic experiences (and if there's a lack of patronage, then perhaps ZAP is right).
Bathsheba Jones

This is completely irresponsible. I stopped going to The Leonardo as I found their special exhibits to always be underwhelming and overpriced. The city should not continue their absolute subsidy of this place.
Amy Barry
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Opinion, Oct. 19, "Eternal Memory"
An impressive article about a truly impressive man.
Antoinette Sotiriou

A beautiful tribute.
Jacqueline Pullos

The Ocho, Oct. 19, "Rocky Times"
A city mayor cannot dismantle the state-run DABC. Jazz is awesome! I was at that debate. It was fun! Maybe a third term is still coming. Cheers!
Rob Miller

Except I like Jazz. Kudos for the otherwise well-crafted backhanded compliment piece.
Lara Haehle
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True, because uninformed Mormons keep re-electing them.
Deborah Lynne Connor
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Not a Utah problem only.
Howard Elder
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I liked Rocky.
Janet Vigil
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Beer Nerd, Oct. 19, "Festival Favorites"
Congratulations to both of these breweries. This is quite an honor. And both beers are outstanding.
Kent Haynes

Blog post, Oct. 27, "Hatch Says Bears Ears Reduction Is a Go"
Anyone who supports that old bastard for re-election should have their head examined! If you have ever had a parent die of old age, you would know better. He's a stooge for the GOP to manipulate. Please, don't do this to our earth, we need new fresh minds. These people in charge right now are going to be the death of us all.
Corey Hildebrand
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If it would have been an Obama issue he would have said no like he always has. He needs to go been in too long.
George Moulos
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This all about Ivory and the Chamber of Commerce and developing the land that belonged to the indigenous peoples! These thieves make me sick!
Tom Hongaku
VIa Facebook

So, when yet again public opinion sways one way, and elected leaders another, at what point do we start calling ourselves an oligarchy?
Tyler Jacobsen
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Vote him out of office. Let the court deal with Trump attacking the Antiquities Act.
Layne Jones
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What do they care? They're too old and nearly dead to visit it anyway. They would die from heat exhaustion in the winter time.
Richard Humberg
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