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Soap Box: Nov.10-16 

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Cover story, Nov. 10
"No Safety Net"

As a former state employee assigned to work at Palmer Court, I think it is important to support the staff and management [there]. I have seen the staff work tirelessly to maintain the campus, repainting, repairing and cleaning every single day. And so much more than that. Everyone works together to help people stabilize and heal. People who live in the community have very serious issues to cope with. The staff are kind, compassionate and humane—something that the residents have not always received.
As a long-term resident said to me, we know what people outside of Palmer Court think of us and we know they wish we didn't exist. The life journeys of people living there are often horrendous and I don't know how they had the strength to keep living. Yes there are issues every day in living there and a few need help beyond the scope of what Palmer Court can provide. Before a person is evicted staff have gone above and beyond to help resolve the problems, find solutions, relocate, obtain more treatment and simply talk with the person involved. I am truly thankful that places like Palmer Court exist and are supported by the community.
Mary McConaughy

Shame that more information [wasn't] researched on the effects Palmer Court has had on businesses in the surrounding area. The Rock Shop just two doors south of there has had a huge increase in theft within their store and even had a resident from Palmer Court urinate inside their store on the floor. A family-run business that is considering moving to strictly online sales. I'm sure that the Chevron gas station would have shared plenty of their stories as well. These are just two of many businesses in the area that have been negatively affected by Palmer Court.
The heart of the community is in the right place trying to help out the most destitute, but it also takes a lot more work for all these public services by having so many congregated in one place. Thank you for a very insightful article into how the place is being run.
Aaron Saxon

It's a shame most of the LDS funding goes towards fighting LGBT rights, fighting medical marijuana, fighting pornography instead of bigger issues. Someone please prove me wrong.
Conor Papineau
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News, Nov. 10, "Walking the Line": Local documentarians record "freaky" scene at Dakota Access Pipeline

I'm so proud of you, son.
Fredricka Hunter
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Thanks to City Weekly for this post.
Georgia Gonzalez
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Dine, Nov. 10, Chile-Tepin
We have been there a few times with the family (including kids) as well as to celebrate two birthdays with friends. The food is delicious and the portions very generous. The molcajete is to die for as are toritos, the nachos, and I could go on all day. The margaritas are a staple and complement almost everything they have.
The cost of drinks isn't crazy like other restaurants downtown and that's always a plus.
One thing I want to highlight is the service. A place with good food and bad service will lose me as a customer every time. Chile-Tepin puts as much care into their customers as they do their food. I love this place and I can't wait to go back!
Jean Gonzalez-Pereyra

I love this place! ... I'm from Washington, D.C., and I went to Utah for a business trip. I love the molcajete and I can't wait to visit again. Best Mexican food hands-down!
Lorena Pham

I definitely recommend this place.
Janette YMisael Sanchez
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Love that restaurant!
Jeffery Hales
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This place is absolutely top-notch. Take a date, take your mom, take yourself. If you got $25 dollars, it'll be an amazing and different take on Mexican food. Spoiler alert: cactus tastes dope.
Jarrell James
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Drink, Nov. 10 "The Mysteries of Mezcal"
Or sotol.
Tim Riley
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It could be the fact that mezcal tastes like shit.
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They used to sell one, it tasted like tequila poured through a well-worn saddle.
Grady Player
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I hear the saddle's age is what makes mezcal so desirable!
Rodney Dye
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Blog post, Nov. 16
"Shift in Role of Police at Salt Lake Schools Yields Dramatic Results"
There's a lot more to this story. The training that is happening in the district, for instance.
But I believe it's a very positive step.
Tina Yeates Hatch
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I was drug screened about twice per year while I worked as a Union Carpenter. The Associated General Contractors (AGC) organization is a strong advocate of screening.
Tim Skoglund

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