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Soap Box: May 25-31 

Reader reactions to Summer Guide, Orrin Hatch's new honor and more.

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Cover image, May 25, "Here Comes the Sun"
Doo doo doo doo.
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Cover package, May 25, "Are You Ready for Some Fútbol?"
So they're going to lose games faster?
Scott Simmons
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Cover package, May 25, "Summer Foodie Staycation"
It's out of the way, but Cravings Bistro in Pleasant Grove is excellent.
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Cover package, May 25, “Do-It-Yourself Utah Brewery Tour”
Yaaaay Bohemian.
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Drink, May 25, "Under the Tuscan Sun"
Now you're talking. Brunello, Vino Nobile and some good Burgs—those are my wines. Cheers!
Mike O'Brien

Blog, June 2, "Hatch Honored: Long-serving senator is named 'Distinguished Utahn'"
I think they spelled "disgusting" wrong.
Benton Clark
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Distinguished, or extinguished?
Cliff Butter
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A distinguished douche bag, maybe.
Tiffany Klomp
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Awards should be given to a retired senator.
Robert Furbee
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Why is the senile old asshat being honored?
Rusty Carroll
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The hell he is. He's a statewide disgrace!
Jason Allen
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His "lengthy tenure" is part of the problem.
Bryan Askmi Leitr
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I just threw up in my mouth a little.
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Help us.
Cheryl Langston
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Does that mean he can retire now?
Bonnie Tryonoviech
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You've got to be kidding, right?
George Moulos
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With enough money, you too can be an "honored" Utahn.
Scott Frandsen
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Hatch died decades ago. The GOP keeps him animated with eldritch rituals and the blood of virgins.
Pax Rasmussen
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Technically not wrong: It's pretty easy to distinguish most of Congress from his awkward skeleton propped up in the corner of the room.
Rob Vorwald
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He's distinguished himself as one of the biggest assholes in Senate history. Yay for Utah!
Mike Coronella
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Spoiler alert: This asshat didn't even live in Utah until he was in college. But he throws down his political will as if it represents the interests of the whole state. If he wasn't Mormon, he wouldn't have been an afterthought for this award.

But more importantly, where does he get off pretending like the interests of mineral extraction and big pollution somehow are representative of the interests of most of us who've lived here for generations? What a con.
Manuel Padro
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Conservative America
Republicans are against increasing the minimum wage, the working class, the middle class, women, funding K-16 education, social security, seniors, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, universal health care, voter rights, endangered species, renewable energy and global warming. In addition, they call the media "the enemy of the people."

Republicans are pro-gun, -torture, [support] more nuclear weapons, big oil, cigarette manufacturers, all corporations, Russia, non-taxed foreign bank accounts, building a border wall over 1,000 miles and billionaires.
Jeff Avis,
Salt Lake City

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