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Soap Box: Feb. 16-22 

Seagulls, pinball, national monuments and more.

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Cover story, Feb. 16, "A Seagull Story"
I recently moved to Salt Lake City from Michigan and found myself very interested in Mormon culture. When I first heard about "The Miracle of the Gulls," I was fascinated and somewhat skeptical at the same time. I heard many different versions of the story from Mormon and non-Mormon sources. However, your story in City Weekly was both entertaining and educational. The Simpsons analogy was a good one, nicely done. Looking forward to more.
Barry Tolley,
Salt Lake City

They're full of plastic! Each one is like a piñata with secrets inside.
Michael O'Hair
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Seagulls, coal and masturbation. @RyCunn's articles lately prove that he totally gets Utah.
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My former secretary, a member of the Assembly of God Church, asked what a Jack Mormon was. I told her it was someone who did not observe the social practices of no smoking or drinking followed by many Mormons. "Oh," she said. "In my church we call them hypocrites."

It is like the old joke: What is a Jack seagull? One that won't eat crickets.
Jerry Crouch,
Salt Lake City

News, Feb. 16,"Pinball Wizards"
Like The Who?
Charlie Montoya
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If Blake has a JunkYard he wants to part with, let me know. My WhiteWater needs a friend.
Tiffany Young
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There has to be a twist.
Peter Madsen
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The Ocho, Feb. 16, "Eight new fast-food innovations coming soon to top Taco Bell's Naked Chicken Chalupa"
After many years of trying to swear off fast food, this picture has, at long last, pushed me over the edge.
Taylor Brown
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Music, Feb. 16, "Deconstructing Puzzle"
There's a thousand ways to die in this naked city!
DeWight Smith

Dine, Feb. 16, "Mountain Meals"
Made me hungry for some mid-mountain pho. Thanks for the weekend ideas! #FridayMotivation
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Protect our public lands
I write to highlight and oppose actions by our Legislature and congressional representative to do away with or shrink Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante Monument.

These lands will benefit Utah's lucrative outdoor tourism industry and be a legacy for generations to come. But Utah politicians want to sell off this precious and sacred land, and it's hurting our pocketbooks. Our politicians are shooting themselves in the foot by driving away events like the Outdoor Retailer exposition, which has brought 40,000 visitors and $45 million each year by itself. The outdoor tourism industry creates over $1 billion in tax revenues for this state, and is growing.

Places like Comb Ridge, Valley of the Gods, Grand Gulch, Natural Bridges, Moki Canyon and House on Fire are shining Utah treasures. This gorgeous array of canyons and mesas has sacred ground as well as tens of thousands of archaeological sites amid cliffs and canyon bottoms. Extraction industries directly threaten these places and put money in the pockets of out-of-state companies that take the money and leave. I recognize the importance of mining industries, but mining should take place away from our beautiful lands. They use public lands as an excuse for not funding our education system and not helping rural Utah diversify its economy.

Rural counties have a bigger share of money from the visitors to our natural beauty, and lots of room to grow. We should be expanding our counties' economies into a growing source of money and jobs like revenue from tourism and recreation, not threatening our Utah parks to make quick profits off our lands.
Felecia Maxfield-Barrett,
Salt Lake City

And the Oscar goes to ...
Jason is doing his job. Rep. Chaffetz to investigate Oscar snafu!
Robert Jacobs,
Cottonwood Heights

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