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Soap Box: March 16-22 

Reader remarks on barking dogs, new DUI law, historic tree removal and more.

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Opinion, March 16, "Shamrock Surprise"
Mr. Rosenzweig, I enjoyed your article on Irish culture. While it is never correct, as you pointed out, to refer to the day as "St. Patty's," the abbreviation of St. Paddy, however, is accurate, as the Gaelic for Patrick is Padraic.

John Paul Brophy,
Salt Lake City

News, March 16, "Pet Sounds"
This is just so wrong.
Linda Porter
Via Facebook

Cripes ... I have a neighbor behind me [whose] dog barks 24-7. Called cops, [Humane Society], nothing gets done.
Via Twitter

I love dogs (mine is the most wonderful dog made), but I've had craptastic neighbors who don't take care of their dogs. This lady has had multiple encounters and she didn't take care of it. Don't feel too bad.
Beth Anne
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Having been subjected to numerous barking dogs over the years, I have no sympathy for dog owners in these cases. You do not leave dogs outside for hours if they bark and disturb people. You let them outside or walk them when necessary. I know so many good, responsible pet owners whose dogs are pets and stay indoors where they belong.
Carol Lindsay
Via Facebook

We love animals so much, we can raise over $56,000 for an abused cat, but if your dog barks, that's going too far and they need to be taken away? LMAO. She's an elderly lady who wants her dogs; let her have them! If people are so concerned, offer assistance instead of police. The time and money spent in court could have easily been used to help train the dogs.
Sonya Ruiz
Via Facebook

I just want to elaborate on their description of "dogs barking." Both of their pets are really energetic animals that need to be loved, trained and kept active. They do maybe one of the three. Dogs barking every day from sunrise to 1 a.m. are being ignored and are not pets.

I live in the neighborhood, and while I never filed a complaint, I do feel sorry for the people living next door. That being said, I hope they start training the pets and no one ends up in jail.
Ben Montgomery
Via Facebook

Screw neighbors like this. Special circle in hell for them.
Michelle Garcia
Via Facebook

If a barking dog tests your sanity, you are a weak-willed individual with no place in normal society. Do not have children; they are more insistent than a barking dog. In fact, go to a nunnery; you might not be in an area with dogs there.
Travis Burlison
Via Facebook

She doesn't need to be tossed in jail. But she doesn't deserve to get her dogs back if she neglects them to the point where all they do is stay outside and bark.
Richard Humberg
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Typical response from the Gestapo of SLC.
Chris Nielsen
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The Ocho, March 16, "Statewide Kilting Spree"
Utah is the wowest state in the nation. Living here with Mormon government is ridiculous. They have no idea what's happening in this world. The fact that [they] send kids into countries where they could be killed for their own benefit is ridiculous. In the name of God, I guess. This is why they get to go to the highest kingdom. Right there with the Muslims.
Corey Hildebrand
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Blog post, March 23, "Gov. Herbert announces he plans to sign controversial .05 DUI bill"
Utah: "Life Regulated."
Jeremy Christiansen
Via Facebook

Yet they don't want the feds telling them what to do. Hypocrites!
Marjorie Russett Baskerville
Via Facebook

America: Don't bother visiting Utah. If [the] governor signs [this] bill, one drink with dinner and you're toast!
Via Twitter

Calvin Rampton and Scott Matheson (hell, even J. Bracken Lee) are once again rolling in their graves over the utter stupidity of our current governor.
Jim Bunnell
Via Facebook

Someone spike his Sprite.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

This will pad the pockets of defense attorneys who will be installing more billboards along Utah highways. I am a non-drinker (mostly) but I don't feel it is right to impugn those who drink responsibly; .08 was appropriate. Herbert is an idiot stooge.
John Mcclellan
Via Facebook

He thinks he will gain revenue on DUIs, but in reality he will be losing so much more revenue on tourism. No one wants to go on vacation where they cannot even drink a glass of wine without getting a DUI ... or for that matter use mouthwash or cologne.
Janis Walton
Via Facebook

Here is how you get zero fatalities: Pull over traffic impeders, distracted drivers, tailgaters—pull over those who are being reckless. Driving drunk is not the only reason fatalities happen. This is about money, not safety.
Stephanie McCauley
Via Facebook

I drive from Tooele to SLC every single day. I can count on one hand how many times I have driven without someone on my ass or someone going 65 in the left lane on a road with a 75 mph limit.
Stephanie McCauley
Via Facebook

This bill was passed for special interests revenue and in no way will have an effect on a zero fatalities goal, which is pure fantasy. Why don't they have a goal to increase safety and reduce fatalities? Instead, they live in a world of deceiving the public with fantasy goals and impossible laws.
Walt Reynolds
Via Facebook

Public safety my ass. It's about the church and $$$.
Matthew Burns
Via Facebook

I actually agree with the most liberal rag in the country! Well isn't that something.
Scott ArnoldVia Facebook

Blog post, March 24, "Holladay residents 'appalled' over removal of historic trees"
How else would our douche of a governor see who's watching porn if we don't cut down all the trees?
Bryan James Miller
Via Facebook

So you can chop down legacy trees from your yard that contribute to the general foliage of the area because it's private property, but if they built a giant permanent water slide on their front lawn, then that's different somehow? They have to get permission to do that, supposedly. I'm pretty sure only a rich sociopath would buy a lot and immediately have all the trees chopped down like that without consideration for the general area.
Matt Morris
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We deserve more
Health is a basic life function. Either one is in poor health, good health or somewhere in between. It impacts every aspect of our lives, including our freedom. We have struggled and are divided as a country on what care, if any, we are obligated to provide as a civilized society regarding health for our citizens and how it should be delivered. We live in a democracy where we elect officials to create laws and policies to guide our society to help us continue to be the greatest country in the world.

The "bucket" called health care is messy, complicated and emotionally loaded—not to mention the huge dollars involved and stakeholders invested in their own interests. America is the greatest Country in the world, and it is not in our nature, nor is it one of our core values, to sit back and watch something "explode" that we knowingly and collectively agree is not working at its best. I can't stand by without having a voice when millions of my fellow Americans will be or will continue to be negatively impacted but the "status quo."

The Affordable Care Act has problems. I think the country is united on that fact. It was the 1.0 version of health care reform. How about we work on the 2.0 version instead of watching its demise? I volunteer to help. I'm a nobody! I'm a Harvard-trained primary care physician with a master's in public health administration, and I started and run a solution-based health care company that lowers the cost of health care while at the same time improving long-term health. I've got the 10,000 hours to be considered a content expert. I'm not owned by special interest groups, Big Pharma or the health care industry. I believe in the Power of One, and this is me standing up to say it's time to save health care from the bottom up rather than the top down.

Mr. President and Congress, please let me and people like me help solve this puzzle and come up with a 2.0 solution that benefits all involved with fairness and compassion.
Donna L. Milavetz, MD,

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