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Soap Box: June 1-7 

Our readers give their two cents during Pride Week and City Weekly's 33rd anniversary.

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Cover, June 1, "The Pride Issue"
Thanks for being a voice of diversity and love in this time of fear. #pride #realnews
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Five Spot, June 1, "Author J. Seth Anderson traces the origins of queer culture in SLC"
TFW a gay white man titles a book LGBT Salt Lake then goes on to prefer the term queer, then assimilate queerness with being weird? Facepalm.
Laura Jane
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News, June 1, "1984: Oh, what a year!"
You're absolutely right, City Weekly. Your die-hard readers really like you. Thanks for yet another great column (and trip down memory lane) in yet another great issue. Here's to hoping for another 33 years.
Teresa Tate

We are glad to have you.
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My first child: Feb. 1, 1984.
Kris Rodriguez
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Private Eye, June 1, "Reflection Pool"
[Y]ou talk about slowing advertising support. I have a really good suggestion for you.  
      You are doing your level best to push away those of the Mormon faith. Your publication is filled with obscenity (words not used in polite company).
      I realize that you are trying to show that you are not connected to the Mormons, but using offensive language is not necessary. The breadth of your non-Mormon advertising does that very well and I have no problem with the advertisers who obviously do not cater to Mormons.
      I do not want to read articles from writers who seem to have no morals as to content (bad language). Once an article contains one of these words, I just stop reading further in that article. This is counter-productive to the writer, who should want as many people to read it as possible. I doubt there is even one person who will not read an interesting article because it does not contain offensive words.
      Want to increase your readership (and therefore advertising revenue)? Stop turning off at least 50 percent of the local population. It is so easy to do and it also will not offend non-Mormons who also do not want to read that trashy language either. There are many of them.
      Hope this is of value to you.
Wayne Collins,
Salt Lake City

I've read Salt Lake City Weekly whenever I've seen it.
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Beer Nerd, June 1, "SLC's Sour Powers"
I must at least try the sours.
Tedd Mills
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They could be really yummy. Maybe?
Jackie Cowan Webb
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Chad Winter
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Blog post, June 2, "It's Curtains for Granite High"
Sad when your old school gets torn down. Bingham was beautiful, too.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
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It's a shame.
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Such a lack of creativity, vision, possibility.
Anne Jensen
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Can't wait for Wally World.
Tony Peeters
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Blog post, June 12, "Zinke's Bears Ears Recommend Released"
So what I'm reading is that Zinke is an asshole and the government is going to fuck over Native Americans again?
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I'm sorry, but I don't trust Utah state politicians to manage land in the best interests of all citizens of the U.S.
Michael Hobart
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If deplorables had the ability to comprehend the laws that regulate federal lands (lands that never belonged to the states), they'd know that any changes to size or designation of monuments will never stand up in court.
R.J. Davenport
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So Herbert, if it's not what you'd want, it's not sound? I call baloney!
Sharon Wendt
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He wants oil $, and bags of it.
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Say Ott?
The situation involving Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott is heartbreaking and needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Mr. Ott has served the citizens of Salt Lake County for many years, and I respect him for it. However, talk of his declining mental health has persisted and recent media reports suggest the problem is worsening.
      It's also been alleged that he doesn't live in the county anymore and comes into the office on only the rarest of occasions, all the while collecting $189,404 in salary and benefits. This is a crime against Salt Lake County voters and taxpayers. Gary Ott needs to resign immediately, plain and simple. It's the right thing to do—for both Mr. Ott and Salt Lake County.
Ryan D. Curtis,
Salt Lake City

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