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Soap Box: Jan. 12-18 

Our readers respond to Utah Legislature, porn and more.

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Cover story, Jan. 12, "Legislature Madness"
When is Utah gonna change its draconian laws about marijuana like ALL of the freakin' western U.S. has?
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Pretty rad Reefer Madness parody by City Weekly. Also, impressive extended Grinch metaphor on #utleg by @RyCunn.
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On Point!
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Killa cova!!
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In "Legislate Me—Air Quality" by Dylan Woolf Harris & Annie Knox, and "Tiny Homes" by Babs De Lay, what's not mentioned is the No. 1 cause of these and most issues: overpopulation. Until we address it, educate and manage our numbers, the quality of life won't improve.
Alex King,
Salt Lake City

I think that we all respect the need for conservation in our modern world. Living as cleanly as possible is something that all of can strive to do better. As such, maybe we can be good environmental stewards by reducing the amount of printed news articles. After all, ink is distilled with coal, gilsonite, magnesium and petroleum products—all of which are mined or extracted in Utah. These blends are then alchemized with mineral oxides such as copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, iron and solvents to make black and colored inks. Thousands of products are made with coal or coal by-products, including aspirins, antiseptics, soap, dyes, solvents, plastics, fibers such as rayon, nylon and carbon fiber used to make mountain bikes.
      I find it confusing to use coal products to produce ink and generate electricity to power the presses used to market printed essays for profit, then adversely represent coal as a villainous compound. It is comparative to printing news articles pronouncing the deforestation crisis on paper. Please make an effort to stop printing articles and help save our Utah environment.
Steve Richards,
Salt Lake City

News, Jan. 12, "Pronounced Echo"
Thanks for your story, Steve. Case managers are so much a key to success ... more, more, more! And back to HRSA, too, with yet another grant application.
Carol Cook

The Ocho, Jan. 12, "Eight adult films that triggered Utah Sen. Todd Weiler to sue for damages"
LOL! Only in Zion.
Greg Hackney
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Porn kills love.
Scott Glover
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Asshole husbands who blame it on a porn addiction rather than talking to their wives also kill love.
Kristal Bullock
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Porn is horrible! But let me do some more research and I'll get back to you.
Albert Garcia
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J.M. Bell

Has he seen them all? Or do the titles just offend him because he doesn't have a title with his name in it?
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Dine, Jan. 12, "Taking a Stand on Stanza"
Approachable and affordable with ingredients I can recognize. This is what I've been wanting to hear. Thanks, Ted.
Scott Perry

Dear Soap Box,
With all of the fake news nowadays, we just want the straight dope, so I logged onto and they gave us the straight dope ... a heterosexual president-elect.
Alan E. Wright,
Salt Lake City

Blog, Jan. 11, "Bad Day at Red Rock"
For another perspective, see the in-depth story leading up to this latest fiasco; find it in the Canyon County Zephyr (on Facebook it is the "Friends of the Canyon Country Zephyr") and/or visit the FB page "Citizens for Transparency in Local Government" run by folks in Moab, some of whom are being sued by this woman for standing up to her in real life AND on their FB page.
Meg Hards
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Blog, Jan. 13, "Utah ranks significantly high on air toxins, EPA report reveals"
The solution is: Turn off all the power and gas, and don't drive your cars. We can all sit around in the dark and cold and freeze/starve to death. You're welcome.
Allen Reese
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The best solution is to cut down the Oquirrh Mountains. Problem solved.
Patrick Carter
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That explains some of the fuzzy thinking that's coming from Salt Lake City.
June Newberry
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I love the taste of emissions in the morning.
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Utah is a miserable place to live in the winter.
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But porn! That's the real public health crisis!
Charles Plante
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