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Soap Box: Dec. 8-14 

Our readers respond to PETA protest, new homeless shelters and more.

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Cover story, Dec. 8, Gift Guide 2016
My Christmas wish is that no one purchases anything for me from a national company. No Amazon, no national chain or corporation of any kind. There are many cute local boutiques where our money goes solely to local merchants and not one penny goes to a corp.
Here is one of my favorite places to shop: White Elephant Exchange & Boutique on 1305 S. 900 East. Support your local merchants. The corps have enough money.
Tara Jefferson
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This looks awesome!
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Blog post, Dec. 8, "On the Lamb"
What an eye-catching protest! Vegan wool is easy to find, and it will keep you warm and cozy without contributing to cruelty.
Paula Renee

Really? Can't even shave sheep now without hurting feelings? Gimme a break.
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Can we protest PETA destroying over a decade of cancer research? Or creating shorter lives for over 85 percent of the animals they "save"?
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How does shaving a sheep hurt it? [pensive Do humans not get hair cuts? Don't understand PETA.
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Blog post, Dec. 13
"Mayor announces sites for four new homeless resource centers."
From what I understand, there were about 1,200 people just at the Road Home during the really cold snap last Tuesday night. Four Smaller Shelters are not an improvement.
Lizzy Taylor
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I'm not thrilled that one of them is being built right in my neighborhood. But I certainly understand the need. Unfortunately, there's no perfect answer to this problem.
Alisha Wells
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It's really irritating seeing people say we need more homeless shelters but then in the same sentence complain if one is built in their neighborhood.
Blake Warren
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I guess it's hard to fill downtown SLC with high luxury apartments/condos on every corner when there are homeless all over, so might as well disperse them elsewhere.
Justin Bogenschutz
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I think that it is a shame that there are so many available spaces [and] we are going to use millions of dollars to build new facilities. What a complete waste of money and an incredible tax burden on the citizens of Salt Lake City. How could she get away with this? Why are people not demanding that they use existing resources?
Jamie Moore Zayach
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It's better having it in one area rather than spreading the issue, making it more expensive for law enforcement to keep an eye on everything. Keep it centralized and provide opportunities that will help these people so they can help themselves.
Cayson King
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We don't just need space; we need more case workers. More case workers means better outcomes and less chronic homelessness. Let's keep advocating; this is a start!
Ami Jo McClain
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When they start roaming my neighborhood, I will happily drive them over to Jackie's house. Like a new kind of Uber.
Paul Consiglio
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How are the folks in need going to get to the Fourth Street Clinic?
Layne Jones
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Citizen Revolt, Dec. 8, "Female Ambassador to Speak"
If a talk by high-ranking official in the U.S.' imperialist catastrophe in Afghanistan qualifies as "Citizen Revolt," one shudders to imagine what would constitute "Apathetic Quiescence." Perhaps, just maybe, the selections for Citizen Revolt could have something more to do with ... revolt?
Alternatively, change the title to "Events."
Ned Tundup,
Salt Lake City

Music, Dec. 8"The Old-Fashioned Way"
It is so nice to know that such skills are still being employed to make beautiful instruments. It is equally gratifying to know it is in our community in Utah.
Nannette Minchey
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Dine, Dec. 8, Laan Na Thai
I live right above this place! The couple is so kind, and the food is great. So cool to read this story about them. Definitely one of my favorite little Thai spots.
Heather Baldock

Love this place!
Michael Cox
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Cover story, Dec. 1, "Chicana Voices"
Thank you @DylantheHarris @CityWeekly for your article about Chicana voices and POC experiences in academia.
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