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Soap Box Dec. 7 and beyond 

'Like South Salt Lake is so beautiful to begin with'

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Cover story, Dec. 7, "The Art Makers"
Great article by Scott Renshaw about the essential behind-the-scenes professionals who make art happen in Utah.
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Thanks for profiling our stage manager of 20 years, Jennifer Freed!
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Opinion, Dec. 7, "Quitters Reflections"
Depends solely upon what's being quit, I would suppose. Super-satisfying when one's quitting acts as a course correction in life. Just the opposite, dissatisfaction if quitting results in course misdirection in life.
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Quitting smoking? Yes. Quitting drinking? No. Quitting a shitty job? Yes. Quitting a great relationship? No Quit wearing a man bun? Yes. Quit shaving? No.
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Straight Dope, Dec. 7, "Why Does Everybody in the World Play Tag?"
Prehistoric hunter instincts.
Michael Gacillos O'Hair
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Blog, Dec. 13, "Are You Breaking Utah Tax Law? Probably"
It's so odd that Utah attempts to collect this at the end of the year. Sales tax only works when it's charged at the point of sale, guys, seriously. I'm happy to pay taxes. Bring them. Just don't make me track every single online transaction I make in a year and pay that sales tax in bulk. It just won't work. I'm an immigrant. I love taxes. I get to ride my bike to the movie theater at night and not be shot. I'll give you whatever you want for that. Just collect it in a way that works.
Angel David Lindes
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Wait, so the additional money that should be put toward education is money that doesn't exist and hasn't been collected? What the? Also, banking a balanced budget on money you haven't figured out how to collect is just odd.
Joe Russo
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I thought our blessed GOP was anti-tax.
Chris Noonan
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Republicans and conservatives are totally for being taxed as long as their overlords are doing the taxing. Otherwise, taxing is the devil.
Richard Humberg
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I wish [Gov. Herbert] would take more sensible actions to increase air quality.
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But the idiot he posed with last week says not paying taxes is "smart."
Anthony Winters
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Wouldn't be a big issue if he hadn't just let the Outdoor Retailer peeps walk.
Dennis Marcus
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Blog post, Dec. 15, "The People vs. Shae Petersen"
Like South Salt Lake is so beautiful to begin with.
Miranda Perez
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Let him paint! His work looks amazing.
Ali Bird
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I live in South Salt Lake, and I think the mural is acceptable and I don't find it disturbing or disrupting to the public. If this mural is offensive, then the city should block the advertisement of strip clubs on billboards.
Daniel Grundfossen

To the artist: Take it as a challenge. Take whatever it is you were going to paint, and paint it all using "alphanumeric characters" up close; nothing but little letters and numbers but from the street it looks like whatever the hell you want it to be.
C. Roy Pitcher
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Stupid bureaucrats! This isn't a sign. It advertises nothing—it's art. Get over it and stop wasting taxpayers' money fighting stupid things!
Linda Spencer
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It's definitely a sign. A sign that our puritanical state government likes to overstep its bounds.
B.J. Freeman
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Hey, South Salt Lake: As someone who is up there all the time—it's not immoral, it's not grotesque, it's gorgeous. Leave it alone.
Amanda Green
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Do these guys need actual work to do? As a South Salt Lake resident, I have some ideas and can easily draft a list. Seems they've forgotten they are getting paid to work.
Kristen Nicole
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I think someone is more worried about porn than actual problems again. (Even though this art has nothing to do with what the business inside is.)
Marcy Barnes Rigstad
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Shae did a mural for me in Sugar House. It has been a great addition to the community. Murals are not signs, [they are] art and a great thing to have.
Amy Barry
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I live in South Salt Lake and love that the city tries to incorporate art. I really like how all of the power transformers are covered in artwork.
Emily Redfield Clark
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The ordinance actually says that it may not depict the nature of the business inside. The mural does not. Second, sign ordinances like SSL's are unconstitutional at their base.
These People Voted
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You mean they don't keep panthers in strip clubs? They've lost my business.
Dustin Clark
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