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Soap Box: Dec. 15-21 

Our readers chime in on the electoral vote, Bears Ears, bad TV, late artist Bob Moss and more.

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Cover story, Dec. 15 "The Grits to Be Here"
Seems to me that Utah (as well as other states) ought to ban the transferring of students from one school to another simply on sports preferences. I graduated from Granite High, and this process of transferring from one school to another was one of the contributing factors in the decline and ultimate demise of one of the storied athletic programs in the state of Utah. Play where you live. Develop the love, dedication and commitment to that school.
Craig James

Great story.
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Go Panthers!
Circe Arzola
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Blog, Dec. 19, "Utah's six electors unanimously cast presidential votes for Trump"
No shit.
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Shame. They cast their votes for a treasonous man with unconstitutional conflicts of interest who will bring ruin and shame to this nation.
Derek Howard
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And why would they vote any differently? If Adolf Hitler were running for POTUS with an R next to his name, you can bet your ass the Bishop at the local ward house would be telling his sheeple, "He's a good guy," haha! Pathetic pseudo-Christians are THE definition and epitome of insanity.
Craig Perry
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How many times must Hillary lose before the snowflakes accept it? Trump is president; therefore, he's your president if you're an American.
Mort Wimmer
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Thank you to the electoral college for completing their duty.
Krista Harris
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Utah stands firm with misogyny!
Dennis Marcus
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In other shocking news, snow is cold.
Jodi Nelson
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Blog, Dec. 19 "Bears Ears Update"
Chris Stewart shows once again why he got a whopping 34 percent of the vote in the part of his district that is within Salt Lake County. Gerrymandering is the only reason that clown has a microphone. Someone needs to turn it off.
John Barnhill
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I hope Obama designates it soon!
Lance Kemmer
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They don't care about what future generations inherit. It's the present riches that drive their lives.
Debra Vasquez
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Conservatives—always on the wrong side of history.
Scott Allen
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Headline rewrite: Numskulls in Charge Announce Idiocy and Declare Greed.
Pax Rasmussen
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Music, Dec. 15 "I Believe in Ghosts"
Bob [Moss] was not only everything that Brian [Staker] writes about here, but he was also an accomplished historian—especially the Mormon variety. He had a very large collection of Mormon and U.S. history books—some quite rare—and he read them all. He and I exchanged a lot of books over the 15 or so years I knew him, and we had many interesting discussions about Mormon historical events.

His knowledge of the Mormon alphabet was very deep and very rare, and as far as I know, he was the only artist who made it a central part of his work. I believe that Bob and this body of rare work will endure the test of time and that, way off into the future, he will be considered one of Utah's greats.

I will always miss my times with Bob, smokin', jokin', drinking whiskey and talkin' Mo history. He was definitely one of a kind. I am reminded of Bob every day as I have 12 pieces of his Deseret Alphabet artwork on permanent display around my house.

Tom Owens

I barely knew him, but when I met him @stakerized's party, I knew he was something else. Wish I had the opportunity for more time.
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True TV, Dec. 15 "TV Gone Wrong"
Presidential Election was terrible. Over-the-top characters, horrible writing and plot twists dependent on supporting characters being blindly stupid at every turn. I mean, really, the fourth estate of the most powerful and richest nation in history is going to let itself get played like that? Seriously? That being said, I respect how they committed to the full disaster season finale. Season 2 is going to be cray!
Rob Tennant
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Bates Motel ... each season gets perpetually worse. Kinda like True Blood.
Glenn Thompson
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Anything and everything on Bravo. Not to mention all the major networks.
Robert Jensen
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