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Soap Box: April 13-19 

Readers respond to tax resistance, sex ed and more.

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Cover story, April 13, "Resist"
You hide behind Trump, but not paying taxes just makes you a chump.
Michael James Stone
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Opinion, April 13, "Sex Legislation"
Two things struck me about this article: 1. Porn is a shitty substitute for sex education. Porn does not teach teens how to have good sex any more than watching Modern Family will teach them how to have a happy, well-adjusted family.
     2. There is a great sex education program called OWL (Our Whole Lives) taught at the Unitarian Church here in Salt Lake City. This curriculum has been used by other churches as well. I also believe that Planned Parenthood is another option for sex education.
     Stan Rosenzweig is correct in disparaging this state's inability to treat teens as full human beings and to be concerned with their lack of sex education. But seriously, I don't want the state teaching my kids about sex because they won't tell the whole truth—which should involve relationship-building; how to have a healthy transgender, gay, lesbian, straight or bisexual relationship; how to say no; how to say yes when it's time; how to know when it's time; where to get and how to use contraception; how to pleasure your partner; how to pleasure yourself; how to support those who are sexually different from yourself; and a host of other real issues that our kids are already dealing with. Parents need to seek outside resources, since Utah legislators—like legislators from most states—would rather see our kids get incomplete, inaccurate or false information about sex.
Lori Shields,
Salt Lake City

Yes, sexual content—be it good, bad or ugly (and it's mostly ugly)—is out there. It's everywhere, as the author states. But why is that? Maybe because, like it or not, we are part of a large group of creatures on this planet that reproduces sexually, specifically human mammals. Reproduction enables our continued existence, and because being alive beats the alternative, we are extremely interested in sex. That's who we are. That's what we are. That's how and why we are here.
     So why the hang-ups about sex? It's no big deal! Really, humans, get over it! Grow up already.
     We don't shame young people for getting hungry or thirsty or for wanting to play or for being curious about the world, and our sexuality is just as natural and normal as all those things. Why all the shame? If we want our kids to be well-rounded, balanced and healthy adults, we need to teach them about all aspects of their world and their place in it, including their humanity, of which sexuality is an important aspect.
     As a very wise friend of mine always says, don't let fear make the decision for you. Just talk. Share. And not just once for "the talk" but throughout their lives as their sexuality develops and evolves. The societal problems we have regarding our sexuality are caused by ignorance, denial of our humanity, and fear. Education, as always, is the cure.
Laura Zielinski,

Cinema, April 13, Gifted
Thank you @CityWeekly & @scottrenshaw. Reading this made Mckenna tear up.
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Blog, April 21,"During a brief Utah stint, Bernie Sanders ran through all his best hits"
I loved the part at the beginning when Bernie pointed out that all the congressmen, senators, the governor and most of the legislators in Utah are GOP. He said, the good news is that you guys have nowhere to go but up.
Rob Ramage
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The guy with the bullhorn got a lot of laughs, but was mostly ignored. No pushing, shouting, bloodletting. I witnessed people acknowledging his right to protest. The way it should be.
Leisha Durfee Ashley
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The guy on the bullhorn was obviously a sad and lonely individual. Bernie was awesome, as was Peter and the women that spoke. Great rally.
Iris Nielsen
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I completely supported Bernie .... until he gave support to Hillary, and at that point, I no longer had respect for him.
Paula Gorman
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Woo! Feel the Bern! Wish I could've been there.
Katy Bovee
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The guy with the plastic babies has a mental illness. ... He was the least interesting moment from the event.
Brook Bernier
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Bless his heart.
Brian Keyes
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May enlightenment come one day
According to the latest pronouncements from the latest conference of LDS, some people still believe that a fellow human is a seer, revelator and prophet—although neither this person nor any of his predecessors have ever demonstrated any of these unbelievable talents.
     Also at this just-completed conference, Apostle M. Russell Ballard warns about loud voices of Satan.
     Ever wonder why Utah is falling further and further behind most of the other states? Very little progress can be made in a state dominated and governed by ignorant and superstitious people who believe in men with supernatural powers and devils.
     May enlightenment come to Utah one day. May the voters no longer elect people because they are members of a religious cult similar to those of the dark ages.
Ted Ottinger,
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