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So Five Minutes Ago 

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What clichés should be retired—and which should come back?

Scott Renshaw: Personally, I’m sorry we stopped talking to the hand. And I continue to wonder where the beef is, and what Willis is talkin’ about.

Rachel Scott: “That’s gay as a blade.” I’m all for this saying, which is from Zorro, The Gay Blade, a 1981 feature film. Weird, but awesome.

Jackie Briggs: “No worries.” I’ve always hated it, I hate it now, I’ll hate it always. I first heard it when I moved to Utah and it immediately pissed me off. I’m always worried, so I don’t need you braggin’ about being worry-less.

Susan Kruithof: At the end of the day, does it really matter what catchphrase politicians choose to use? OMG, I hate the phrase “at the end of the day.” And OMG. Fer shur.

John Paul Brophy: As Billy Crystal said in Mr. Saturday Night, “Don’t get me started.” I never want to hear “sweet” unless it’s about dessert. Lose “crew” for band references. Restaurant patrons of mixed gender are not “guys.” Bring back “you’re welcome” and banish “no problem” as a response to “thank you.”

Paula Saltas: Let’s please get rid of the Mormon slang term “Oh my heck” ... you can now replace that with “OMG.” I can’t take it anymore.

Derek Carlisle: “Totally righteous” should come back from the ’80s and permanently replace “moral fiber.”

Erik Daenitz: I’d like to get rid of the words “legit” and “hyped.”

Kolbie Stonehocker: “Phenom,” “prego,” “vaycay” and “appy” should just go away. Creating unnecessarily shortened versions of words is obnoxious.

Becca Andrus:
“Love and light”—if you utter those words, you might as well have a tattoo across your forehead that you have a life coach and that you’re a psychopath.

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