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Somebody once said that grouchy newspaper editors don’t die, they just fade away. And that is exactly what I’m going to do. But before I ride my Isuzu into the sunset, I just want to say this:

Many thanks to City Weekly Publisher John Saltas. Sitting in the managing editor’s chair at CW for the past six years has been like an E ticket to Disneyland. Sure, there have been times when it seemed like “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride,” but on the whole, it was more akin to “Bear Country Jamboree” or “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

OK, enough of the Disney metaphors. As you can see, my inner child needs a vacation.

City Weekly has grown and changed a lot in the last six years. Putting it out every week is a labor of love. Within these pages, writers, including this one, have the rare opportunity of a free and full expression on issues of the day. We have the freedom to go where the so-called mainstream media can’t or won’t. Thank you, John Saltas.

I am very proud of the strides CW has made over the past six years. But I have been only one part of a huge effort by dozens of dedicated people. It has been a great pleasure for me to work with a talented, if small, editorial staff that includes Ben Fulton, Bill Frost, Scott Renshaw, Scott Lewis and Rebecca Vernon. I will miss yelling at them all. (Lewis, by the way, is also leaving—his new wife, Ensign Ashley Lewis, just got a commission in the U.S. Navy and they’re shipping out. Enter Shane McCammon.)

City Weekly is the success it is because, among other things, it has attracted a great group of freelancers who have contributed regularly through the years: Kathy Biele, D.P. Sorensen, Andrea Moore Emmett, Ted Scheffler, Mary Dickson, Bruce Baird, Carolyn Campbell, Lynn Packer and Brandon Burt, among others. And don’t forget intrepid photographer Fred Hayes. They make the paper lively, gripping and important.

Of course, we have a whole new batch of regular contributors, including, among others, Randy Harward, Jeff Inman, Bobbi Parry, Jacob Stringer, Greg Beacham, Jenny Thomas, Joe Bartenhagen and Brian Staker. Working with talented young people has been one of the great pleasures of this job.

But the paper wouldn’t go out were it not for our entire dedicated crew of advertising reps, production personnel, distribution workers and, of course, Paula and Barbara at the front desk, greeting all of our cool readers.

City Weekly is a paper for all people, not just for power brokers and the influential. Boiled down: We have comforted the afflicted and afflicted the comfortable. We call it like it is and let the chips fall on whoever’s wingtips it hits. If that doesn’t sound like Disneyland, then you don’t have ink in your veins.

For people like Gov. Mike Leavitt, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Mayor Rocky Anderson, Gayle Ruzicka and County Mayor Nancy Workman—well, just look at this as your lucky day.

All good things must end, somebody once said. Should you recognize me in a new incarnation, don’t forget to say, “Hey.” Until then … Wilson, if you would please—the music: Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails to you, keep smilin’ til the end. Happy trails to you …

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