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Should Obama get in with full force or get out of Afghanistan? 

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Eric Peterson:

Go all in. More troops, more infrastructure enhancements. The other option of a scaled-back counterterror force would be too reliant on “smart” bombs that just kill civilians and engender more hatred.

Jesse James Burnitt:
Get the hell out! We’ve wasted enough money, time, resources and most importantly, human lives. Start focusing on putting this damned country back together.

Stephen Dark:
Judging by the bloodshed in Iraq this week, surges followed by “exit, stage right” don’t work. And judging by the recent American deaths in Afghanistan, the number of flag-draped coffins returning to this country will continue to rise. Stay or go? Either way, Obama’s screwed. My guts say, “Finish the job,” but then I don’t have to send people to do it.

Julie Erickson:
Which mess do you pick? The mess we’ve created over the last decade in Afghanistan, or the mess we’ve made over the past decade in our own land.

Jesse Fruhwirth:
Paraphrasing Camille Paglia, Gore Vidal and Andrew Bacevich: Terrorism cannot destroy America, but mounting national debt from imperial adventures could. Get out now.

Nick Clark:
Asking people like me who don’t fully understand military matters is what got us into this mess in the first place.

Doug Kruithof:
Out, I say … get out now!

Lia Pretorius:
It’s too bad he can’t turn back the clock to September 2001 and send the troops that went to Iraq to Afghanistan instead.

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