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Shopping Cart: Revolutionary Pizza 

Chicago chef's new book covers pizza basics and bold pies


Pizza fanatics will certainly want this new cookbook in their kitchen arsenals. If you’re an aficionado of Chicago pizzerias, you’ll probably be familiar with Dimo’s Pizza, the Windy City’s specialty (some would say gourmet) pizza shop. Well, the author of Revolutionary Pizza is none other than “Dimo” himself—Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau—the founder of Dimo’s Pizza.

Mike Edison, former publisher of High Times magazine, has said of the author that “pizza is the food of the people and Dimitri is their Spartacus.” Well, I should think someone who published High Times might know a thing or two about late-night pizza noshing.

The subtitle of Revolutionary Pizza is Bold Pies That Will Change Your Life ... And Dinner. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that Dimitri’s pizza recipes and techniques will be life-changing—I guess that depends on just how much of a pizza fiend you really are. But, it will certainly give you inspiration and instruction on how to create pizzas that are anything but ordinary.

There’s the basic stuff, of course: how to handle yeasts, recipes and methods for making dough and sauces, and a primer on pizza toppings. But from there, it’s a no-holds-barred ride through pizza exotica, from recipes for beef Stroganoff and pumpkin-pie pizzas, to the Schmaltz Supreme, chicken & waffles, steak & eggs, and even falafel and poutine pizzas.

So, if you’re looking to revolutionize your own pizza universe, Revolutionary Pizza can supply you with all the ammo you’ll need.

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