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September 2023 Musical Mailbag 

New music from Scott Lippitt, Die Shiny, Tim Tincher, Soultown Revivalists

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We could publish a musical mailbag every week and still have more left over news each time. Okay, okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but there's always an exciting abundance of musical news to share. If you're in a music slump, head online and add these tunes to your library.

Scott Lippitt, "Packed in a Minute": "'Packed into a Minute'" was super exciting for me to create," Lippitt said about his most recent single. "I was exploring more charged emotions, like anger and frustration, which led me to heavier instrumentals, lyrics and vocals. I even asked my friend in a metal band how to properly scream. I'm still learning, but I think I got a decent take on the recording! Given my bent towards soft, melancholic songs, I think the song is still chill when compared to alt-rock or heavier genres. But, for me, this was a new and exciting direction to explore." Lippitt's foray into the alt-rock world is definitely paying off for him. It's a great surprise to hear some screaming vocals and more distortion on the guitar tracks. "Packed in a Minute" briefly turns into a loveable and heartfelt emo track, and it's a fantastic listening experience. This new track is the first from an EP scheduled to dropo this fall, so hopefully we get to hear more of these elements in the coming months. Instagram: @scott_lippitt_music

Die Shiny, "Healthy Sex Drive": "'Tis the season of Barbie, and this fierce female-power anthem is on theme," Die Shiny says of their new single. "This upbeat alt hip-hop bop speaks to the mixed messages girls are fed about their sexuality and the menacing 'male gaze,' and does so with savage confidence." This new single is a long time coming for the duo, according to vocalist Callie Crofts. "Partly because venturing into the alt hip-hop world is totally new for me, and I had to find my vocal style, and partly because the subject matter is so real and sometimes heavy. I changed the lyrics over and over, trying to properly convey what it feels like to be constantly bombarded since childhood with misinformation, judgment and dogma regarding my body," they explained. "Connection is a very important part of this artist's journey for me, so I must point out that Zac (my music and life partner) and I are both queer, and we are a safe space for marginalized people. My feminism (and by extension the spirit of my songs) includes any human being with any arrangement of chromosomes who experiences discomfort, harassment, alienation, etc. from our patriarchal system. And to our lovely queer community we say: Be fabulous and give 'em the finger." When you press play on this latest single, you're greeted with a tasty bassline underneath Crofts' sassy-yet-clever rapping that will have you immediately hooked. Although hip-hop is new to the duo, you wouldn't think so from listening through. It's expertly crafted, and has so many great lyrics that you'll have to listen a second, third, or even fourth time to catch the bad-ass lines. Not that listening to it repeatedly is a chore—quite the contrary, in fact. "Healthy Sex Drive" is an enjoyable and entertaining entry into Die Shiny's already lively music catalog. Instagram: @dieshiny

Tim Tincher, "Circles": If you need a good dose of dreamy, moody indie-pop inspired by the likes of Lana Del Rey, Caroline Polachek and Sky Ferreira, Tim Tincher's new single "Circles" is just what the doctor ordered. "I wrote 'Circles' last year after the height of the summer doldrums," Tincher said. "I was doing the same thing every day, feeling like I was in a rut when something as simple as a car driving by was able to catch my attention and re-center

me. 'Circles' is about coming back down to Earth, becoming present again and finding a

way to push forward during those stagnant moments, where you're finally able to lean into something exciting on the other side." It's hard not to get swept up in that feeling of doing the same things over and over each day, but to ease that feeling, listen to this new song and mix it up a little—you'll be glad you did. Instagram: @timtincher

Soultown Revivalists, "Meet Me at the River": Last, but certainly not least, is a brand-new project that brings together some well-known creative minds and an intriguing mix of musical elements. Burning Daylight is the debut album coming from the R&B/neo-soul band Soultown Revivalists, but as of right now, only two singles have been released from the new body of work. "Meet Me at the River" was the first single to introduce the project, and what an introduction. The single starts lively and huge in its energy, the sound so full, saturated and smooth, you won't want it to end. The album is helmed by the longtime creative partnership of noted composer, arranger and recording artist Sam Cardon, and lyricist Don Stirling. The two have also recruited The Voice finalist Ryan Innes, who offers vocals on the majority of the upcoming album. "I was surprised to walk into this project with the Soultown Revivalists," said Innes. "I thought I was just being hired to sing some R&B/soul songs like I've done 100 times. What I actually walked into was all my musician buddies coming together to have fun making really good music. It was a true pleasure to be introduced for the first time to Don Stirling, and to his and Sam Cardon's songs." If the rest of this upcoming album is as good as this debut single, we're in for a tasty, tasty treat. Instagram: @soultownrevivalists

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