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Second Language 

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What foreign language other than English do you wish you spoke, or are you bilingual now?

Julie Erickson: Italian. It’s the language of love and it would improve my Spanish as well.

John Paul Brophy: My limited Spanish has both been beneficial at times and enough to get me in trouble at others (Madrilenos are unforgiving!).

Lacey Nabozny: I am from Toronto, so I speak Canadian fluently, but I would like to learn Spanish just in case I ever find myself in Arizona and want to fuck with the locals, eh.

Susan Kruithof: Spanish. I’m half-Mexican and sound ridiculous when I try to speak the language. I mean, if I’m in the DI, and my people come up to me and start speaking in Spanish, well, let’s just say I feel lame. Lo siento.

Jackie Briggs: If we’re talking what would actually be useful, I need to learn that text language. I don’t know what the hell people are saying to me, so I’m all like ??? all the time, and :( I don’t know it’s 2M2H sometimes ... TTYL.

Bryan Bale: I know a few words and phrases in Spanish, Greek, Japanese, French and Arabic, but I consider myself fluent only in English.

Jesse James Burnitt: I wish I spoke Klingon. It’s so gutteral and brutal sounding, it would intimidate passersby. I do speak a little German (also kind of brutal) and our baby is being raised bilingual: Spanish and English.

Bryan Mannos: I want to learn Spanish. I know enough French to order food, and enough Italian to get slapped.

Lia Pretorius: I wish I spoke them all. Right now, I’ve English down and some French. I have a long way to go!

Cody Winget: French. I am semi trilingual: I have English down pretty well, Espanol un piquito, und einige Deutsch. But those two don’t really count. I couldn’t carry on much of a conversation, though I would like to become more fluent in both of them, too.

Bryan Mannos: I want to learn Spanish. I know enough French to order food, and enough Italian to get slapped.

Marty Foy: I wish I could speak text message. I’ll learn it ASAFP. (As Soon As Fucking Possible) :(

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