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Re: “Sealed Fate

It would be beneficial if Christopher put forth a statement of doctrinal beliefs....plainly written in plain speech easy to games or puzzles...just plain simple speech stating a platform of beliefs. A statement plainly rejecting any common false doctrines believed by Christopher to be held by others would be beneficial also. Who wants to figure out a puzzle? Not me. I want plain speech. Personally, I don't need to be lied to in order to be convinced that the Latter Day Saints practice hypocrisy. The changing of the Word of Wisdom to commandment wherein parts of that Word is used to condemn or reject others while other parts are ignored such as only shedding the innocent blood of the beast in times of need... wherein members judge not themselves... but cover their own sin as they simultaniously condemn another. Their condemnation shall return unto them. So...I left religion years ago and trusted to be free to seek God alone .....and this I have done for years.... though I'm willing to learn from others as well if that which they say bears witness within. So...I will continue to attempt to prove Chris true and if the Spirit within bears witness that his words are true.....then thats that. Its just hard to sort out whats being said thats without game from that which has game. Maybe I should organize writings and recordings in sequence to dates written or spoken. I was really confused at first as I unknowingly read or listened to things in mixed order. The contradictions were outrageous. Then after a while I realized Christophers tactics and motives wherein he deceived on purpose which thing I can understand the necessity thereof. Strange indeed...but understandable due to the strongholds which religion can have on individuals. Anyway...I hope to seek to prove that which Chris has been given as true and hopefully I will humble myself as a child to do so that I don't make the grave error of calling that false and not of God which in truth is True and is of God. Then...if I do that and things prove out false by not bearing witness within as being true....then I will withdraw from seeking these things....But first I must be careful of not humbling myself and judging rashly and risking interfering with the Holy Ghost which interference might grieve the Spirit causing me to not have that bearing of witness....not because of that Word said...but because of my own pride and unwillingness to be humbled like unto a child... which humility is a necessity concerning receiving greater truth for without it...the Holy Ghost withdraws and a man is left unto himself and his own wisdom which blindness keeps him or her deceived and unable to receive the greater things.

Posted by Scott Davis on 03/04/2017 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Sealed Fate

As it is. ... I'm having a hard time determining which words Christopher claims to be true since he admits to lying. Was the Sealed Portion plates delivered to Christopher or not? Did he translate those writings via the Urim & Thummin or not? In would be beneficial to hear truth only. Did Christopher lie about visitations or not? I'm uncertain of which writings or words Christopher deems to be inspired compared to which writings or words Christopher simply created himself. It would be beneficial to be given some form of recommended order of study with recommendation of what to ignore as well. Anyway...I have no judgement concerning these things as it is. I wouldn't want to judge something as untrue when it is true. I test things by trying to prove it true the benefit of doubt to the claimant. Then, after making fair effort to prove something true....if it pans out to be false...then I might claim it false. But first the claimant has right for every effort to be made to defend their word as being true. So: I hope Christopher to be proven as truely inspired and will judge him that way unless or until he be proven false. I just need to research more to get past determining what word was meant to be deception by Christopher and what word was meant to be truth.

Posted by Scott Davis on 03/03/2017 at 3:35 PM

Re: “Sealed Fate

Did Ida Smith know before her death that Christopher initially used lies and deception (as instructed) in order to develope a following or convince people to leave the LDS or organized religion or had Christopher "come clean " before her death? I'm curious to Ida's reaction when she found out that the Sealed Portion she so desperately desired to see for so many yers had in fact not been delivered nor translated and that she basically been fooled. Did Ida know she had been fooled by Christopher before she died? How many followers quit following once they learned they had been lied to for years (in many cases). Did Christopher only admit to lying after he got caught? If Ida was convinced to give family burial plot to Christopher while being lied too and deceived.... That would be extremely offensive to remaining family members. If she knew of Christophers deceptions and still was convinced to give away plot. ?......then that's her rightful choice (though it's obvious other family members who also had legitimate claim to the family plot wouldn't have so easily given their claim to Ida had they known her intentions.) Is it true that Christopher teaches that there is no need for One (Christ) who is without sin to be made a sacrifice for all the rest who have sinned so that the Law of Justice which saith....(Reap as sown) is fullfilled via the atonement of an Advocate, Jesus Christ?

Posted by Scott Davis on 02/16/2017 at 2:37 PM

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