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Saying "Yes" to Jim Matheson 

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Mia Love is all about the negatives and the “no’s.” “No” to student loans for Utah college students. How does this help the educational process in Utah? “No” to safety and helping law enforcement protect us by cutting their funding.

But she is for raising the retirement age into the 70s for people to receive Social Security. What makes her think someone in his or her 70s can keep working? She has never experienced the aches and pains of old age.

She thinks the stimulus package is wrong. Try to tell that to an Ohio or Michigan autoworker—who still has a job, who can still feed his family and is keeping the economy going—that the stimulus package is wrong. She is a candidate who is reactionary and reckless in her approach to governing. No way should she represent Utah in Congress.

Jim Matheson, on the other hand, is an experienced leader. He is intelligent and cautious. He thinks things through. He helps Utahns. He knows how to work with Congress. He is exactly the right choice and what Utah needs in a congressman.

Salt Lake City

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