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Salt Lake “Needs” Rocky 

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Salt Lake “Needs” Rocky

False modesty has never been a fault of our mayor. When you’re good, you’re good—even if you do have to say so yourself. That might be among the choices for Rocky Anderson’s headstone epitaph. Although we here at SmartBomb hope that he won’t die any time soon—or, knowing Rocky, that he won’t die at all. (It may be possible in his case.)

And let’s face it, he’s right. We do need Rocky, or someone like him, as he told Trib reporter Rebecca Walsh. The man is doing everything imaginable to drag this place into the new century. He wants dancing and nightlife for a vibrant downtown. He pushes for modern transportation systems, rather than more freeways and sprawl. He works for clean air and a place for Salt Lake City on the national map. And he wants the City Council to just shut up and do what he wants.

*For everyone who couldn’t afford an $800 ticket to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Rocky threw a bash for the public free of charge at the City & County Building, complete with the Olympic flame and some very good entertainment. Cool. We have to doff our cap to the mayor.

*Speaking of the Olympics (like there’s something else to talk about), some of Tom Welch’s pals threw him a party in celebration of the Olympics. The Deseret News featured the bash on its front page with a photo of our favorite big lug getting a nice squeeze from Picabo Street. According to the story by Brady Snyder, Picabo even plastered a big wet one on our former Olympic savior, who, by the way, is sporting a new hair-do. You’ve got to hand it to Welch—nobody can fall into manure and come out smelling like a rose quite the way he does.

*Here at SmartBomb, we knew better than to applaud prematurely when the County Council voted to condemn some of Earl Holding’s empire to build new offices downtown for the district attorney. The County Council misjudged Holding’s power. Maybe they hadn’t heard about Snow Basin. This is how it works in Utah: Taxpayers give to Earl, not the other way around. The land in question, just north of Holding’s Little America hotel, will be developed, according to his Earlness, into a shopping mall. (Another downtown mall—ugh!)

*According to state Sen. Mike Waddoups, it’s actually the concealed weapon permit holders who are keeping the Olympics safe—not the guys in the uniforms. With philosophies like that running rampant on Capitol Hill, it took some gumption for U of U President Bernie Machen to tell legislators that guns will not be allowed on campus. Some legislators set out to punish Bernie by stripping his budget. That move has fortunately failed for now. But stay tuned, there’s bound to be a stick-up sooner or later.

*And finally this: SmartBomb has learned that KSL Channel 5 News Director Brink Chipman has come up with a proposed new slogan for the Eyewitness News that would accentuate evening anchor Dick Norse and morning anchor Terry Wood: “Go to bed with Dick, wake up with Wood.” The promotion has yet to be approved by top brass at the LDS church-owned station.

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