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Sakana Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine, Gracie’s,Curry in a Hurry 

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From City Weekly staffers:
Larry Carter: There’s a new place that I love. It’s called Sakana Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine (7626 Campus View Drive, Bldg. G, Suite 110, West Jordan, 801-282-0670), and it’s located in West Jordan at Jordan Landing. The food is great, and the presentation is five-star. Dinner prices were reasonable. Sakana is a must go-to!

Susan Kruithof: Wings are an essential part of any prebar food dining. A bunch of places serve them; only a few are worth visiting. Leaving out the nasty, what remains are two distinctive, yet delicious choices: First, the wings at Murphy’s Bar & Grill (160 S. Main, Salt Lake City, 801-359-7271). I must say, as a smoker, I have a hard time sitting in Murphy’s without jonesing for my delicious smoky treats. So, I have to rely on the food and the beer. Murphy’s wings are delicious. They’re of the breaded variety. But not too breaded; they are crispy and flavorsome. They’re also messy! Many napkins required. The second on my short list is Gracie’s (326 S. West Temple, 801-819-7565) teriyaki wings. I’ve never had a wing so consistently well-prepared: Crispy skin, juicy meat, never dry, but also never underdone, which, in my opinion, is the worst of the wing sins. Ever bitten into a wing that was still pink? Gross. The sauce at Gracie’s is just right. They have other sauces to choose from, but I like the teriyaki so well, I can never try others. Gracie’s just barely opened, and yet I’ve had at a dozen orders of these delectable treats. Go. Go now!

Ted Scheffler: I get paid to eat out. But when I’m duty,” on my own ticket, the place I frequent more any other (drum roll, please) is … Curry in a Hurry (2020 S. State, 801-467-4137). I’ve eaten at Curry in a Hurry dozens of times over the years, and I always look forward to the Nisar family’s friendly service. But, most of all, forward to the korma-style chicken curry. It might come a Styrofoam plate, but it’s still the tastiest curry in town.

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