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Rough Ryder 

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06/03/06, 03:35, Fleeing/Traffic Accident with Injury, 600 S. 1200 East

“The officer observed a motorcyclist engaged in exhibition driving on Foothill Drive and again at 500 S. 1200 East. When he attempted a traffic stop, the cyclist fled northbound on 1200 East. Some companions of the suspect did stop and the officer was speaking to them on 400 South when a call came in about a crash on 200 S. 1200 East. The Kawasaki hit the retaining wall on the north side of 200 South and the largest part of it came to rest in the driveway of 170 S. 1200 East. The driver landed approximately 135 feet up the street. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Fall Guy

06/02/06, 01:21, Aggravated Assault/Hit & Run, 5600 W. 300 South

“The victim was rear-ended at the listed location. As he attempted to confront the driver of the other car, the driver attempted to run him over. The victim jumped on the hood to avoid being struck. The driver of the suspect vehicle, a black Volvo, then drove northbound at approximately 30 miles per hour, frequently slamming on his brakes trying to throw the victim off of his hood. The victim was thrown off of the hood at Amelia Earhart, where he sustained minor injuries. He was transported to the hospital.

Must’ve Been Some Party

06/02/06, 02:24, Shooting, 307 N. Admiral Byrd Rd.

“The victim was attending a party at the Hampton Inn where he came to be shot. He went to a hospital in critical condition. He said he didn’t know how he came to be shot.

Murphy’s Law for Dummies

05/30/06, 11:36, Aggravated Robbery, 65 N. 900 West

“The two male juveniles approached the Radio Shack and pulled masks over their faces, not realizing that the manager could see them through the tinted window. As they entered the store, the manager tried to grab the rifle they were carrying and in the struggle, a shell was ejected and the rifle jammed. The manager ran across the street to call police and the boys continued with the robbery. They ordered the female clerk onto the floor, but then couldn’t figure out how to open the till. They grabbed an armload of merchandize and ran through the block to the car they had on Chicago Street with a driver waiting. They dropped a baseball bat from the bag they were trying to conceal the rifle in. Three witnesses watched them get into the car and speed onto South Temple, where they pulled up in front of a police sergeant. The sergeant recognized that the individuals had something to do with the robbery in progress being broadcast at that moment. He began following the suspects as other officers converged on the vehicle. The three suspects were stopped at 250 S. Foss Street and the rifle, and other evidence as well as the merchandise were recovered.

Cliffs Notes to Murphy’s Law for Dummies

05/30/06, 18:40, Assault/Additional to Above Robbery, near 1100 W. 900 South

Two male suspects, 20 and 17, “called to report that they had been assaulted. While investigating the assault, officers developed information that these two victims had also been involved in the robbery above. Both were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

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