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Rocky Anderson's ARTini Fundraiser 

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Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is throwing “ARTini,” a New Year’s Eve fundraising gala. The soiree, which will benefit Anderson’s nonprofit High Road for Human Rights’ grass-roots activism efforts, will be held Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. at the Utah State Fairpark Grand Building (155 N. 1000 West). For tickets and info, visit

There are lots of New Year’s Eve celebrations. Why ARTini?
It’s going to be a fantastic event with great live music by the 11-piece Disco Drippers, abundant food by some of the finest restaurants in town, fascinating people and an open bar. There will be plenty of dancing.

Why is a serious organization like yours promoting disco?
It helps get our message out. Although our mission is a very serious one, it’s also important to convey our message to a larger number of people. Having fun at a celebratory event like ARTini is an excellent way of doing that. And it’s not really disco—that’s just their name. It’s more of a rhythm and rock band, which appeals to people of all ages and all musical tastes.

What art is being auctioned?
We have everything from an original Peña, to Gary Collins, Ken Baxter and others. We won’t interrupt the party with the live auction as we did last year. This should be one of the best silent auctions ever.

You love the State Fairpark, don’t you?
I’ve hosted a couple of events, including my first inauguration party, at the Grand Building. I found it to be perfect for an elegant but large and fairly raucous gathering. They’ve got a huge dance floor, staging, beautiful chandeliers, and it’s extremely easy parking. We’ll have two 15-person vans available so we can make sure nobody drinks and drives. And we’ve made arrangements for people to leave their cars overnight if they choose.

Why should people part with hard-earned cash for your cause?
The proceeds support our efforts to build on our national network of citizen activists. We also put a lot of time and effort in researching, writing and producing very informative multimedia pieces that are circulated nationwide. We are working on one right now about rule-of-law issues, which points out that our republic has probably never been at greater risk in the history of this country when it comes to the undermining of the rule of law.

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