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Riffraff Begone 

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In light of the actions of the self-serving state legislators, it is time to have our own tea party and clean house on those who have used their families’ fortunes to purchase their way into office. They think their fame will come from legislating the system of law.

All the good legislation from years past leaves little room for intelligent legislation. Legislators complain about the thousands of hours their staffs have to work to come up with new legislation.

Every piece of legislation coming before the Legislature should be voted upon with two criteria in mind: Is it good for the state of Utah, and is it good for the people of Utah?—not how it benefits lawmakers and their friends.

Example: the proposed food tax that would have lowered the price on luxury items like diamonds, Harley-Davidsons, camp trailers, snowmobiles and summer homes. I wonder which items our self-centered elected officials were interested in purchasing this year with their tax savings? The way lobbyists pay for their meals, they don’t have to buy food anyway.

I hope all voters will pay close attention to their elected officials’ voting records and help weed out the riffraff legislators coming up with such offensive, nonsensical legislation.

We need the right representatives, who are interested in our state and its people, not themselves.

Kerry Robinson

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