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Restaurant Roundup: Mother's Day Brunch 

Buy your mom's love with some tasty brunch options.

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  • Alex Springer

Regardless of who your mom is, you should take her to brunch this weekend. The problem—and it's a good problem to have—is that there are so many different brunch options in town, you have to pause and think about what vibe best matches your mom.

Is she the type of diner who doesn't like surprises and only likes what she knows? Or is she the type of mom who documents every family outing and gathering for her Instagram followers?

Regardless of which archetype best describes your mom, I've got things covered. Though I am not traditionally considered a "brunch guy," my affection for breakfast has given me an inside track on the different bruncheries around town. I also taught high-school English for seven years, which has given me a decent understanding of Utah mom archetypes. Honestly, when it comes to Mother's Day brunch recommendations, you could do a lot worse than yours truly. Here are some places both you and your mom will dig this weekend.

For the Traditionalist: Sometimes there's a mom who talks a big game about living life to its fullest and trying new things, but clams the hell up when you suggest cuisine that she's not familiar with. While you may be tempted to bring this type of mom to Village Inn out of spite, consider the Sunday brunch buffet at Laurel Brasserie and Bar (555 S. Main Street, 801-258-6708, Here you'll find classics like Belgian waffles, omelets, lemon ricotta pancakes and more than a few types of eggs Benedict. Though the brunch menu is traditional, the team at Laurel takes great care to elevate each menu item to a high standard.

I also think that a traditionalist mom would enjoy Laurel's restaurant space. Whether you're sitting inside and basking in all that spring-colored tile or outside on their spacious patio, Laurel is a gorgeous place to spend a few hours.

For the Mom Who Says She Doesn't Like Brunch but Secretly Likes Brunch: As one who took a bit of time to get over a brunch-shaped chip on his shoulder, I know that there is some serious anti-brunch sentiment out there. And that's okay; the brunch concept and its adherents can be extremely irritating to moms who are a bit more down-to-earth. If you have such a mom in your life and you still want to celebrate with a morning meal, give Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade (multiple locations, (

I suggest Sweet Lake because long ago, it was the place that first helped me understand that brunch is a spectrum, and it truly belongs to everyone. Its unassuming space, bodacious biscuit breakfast sandwiches—just get the Hoss and you'll know what I'm talking about. Sweet Lake is also a nice spot for moms who don't imbibe but still like the concept of getting a special drink with their meal. All of Sweet Lake's limeades are tasty, vibrant and can really make a non-brunch situation feel more like a brunch one. Which it's not. Or is it?

For the Momstagrammer: Utah is big on moms momming it up on social media, so where can you go that will make a bomb-ass Instagram Story? Sunday's Best (10672 S. State Street, 801-441-3331,, that's where. With its cheeky slogans like "champagne in the membrane" posted on the walls coupled with a Palm Springs design aesthetic, this Sandy restaurant is a primo backdrop for any #brunchbunch. Their menu of Southern-inspired classics—like beignets and fried chicken & waffles—is sure to please any palate, and their cocktail menu is full of colorful options. This is one you're going to want to book in advance, as momstagramming is a full-time job, and a tasty local restaurant that gushes with upscale kitschy style is always popular among those ladies who play as hard as they work.

For the Mom Who Is Perpetually Disappointed in You: This is a tough one, and it ain't gonna be cheap, but hear me out. If you're dealing with this type of mom, you'll want to go to Franck's (6263 Holladay Boulevard East, 801-274-6264, Since this type of mom will likely find a way to turn this kind gesture into a trip down generational trauma lane, you may as well get one of the best damn meals of your life out of it. They're serving up a five-course fixed price brunch that includes burrata cheese with sun-dried lime marmalade, sorghum butter roasted sashimi, a blistered green tomato emulsion with a croque monsieur crouton, some sweet tea-braised wagyu beef cheek and a strawberries and cream cake.

If you play your cards right on this one, not only will you be able to enjoy a meal from one of our finest restaurants, but maybe—just maybe—you'll be able to get your mom to pay the bill. I mean, she'll still think you're a failure, but hey! Free brunch.

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