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Regulate the Mexican! 

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I strongly disagree with the Ask a Mexican feature by Gustavo Arellano. In our day and age, we should be trying to move past the stereotypes that this column incorporates in the questions on some weeks. How can Utahns attempt to rise above racial differences if columns like these continue to drive cultures apart? There should be stronger regulations addressing which questions get published.

Some weeks, the questions are idiotic and stereotypical, and make non-Mexicans look as though they are clueless about anything outside their own culture.

February 19th’s question was something I could not believe came out of someone’s mouth. It was about how Mexican families confront the issue of child sexual abuse.

The questioner asked why pedophiles don’t just “focus on Mexican children, since with them is the least chance that their parents will acknowledge the problem.”

Most weeks, the questions are derogatory toward Mexicans. Those which do not contain derogatory questions are beneficial for readers hoping to gain perspective on the Mexican way of life. I encourage the questions about definitions of words and their context.

If this column could help other cultures recognize the differences between Mexican traditions and their own, it would be a positive thing for the Valley. In attempting to make this column a constructive one, you could first change the name. The column could then begin to include other cultures that are dominant in this area. The Mexican race is not the only group people have questions about. This column is supposed to raise awareness, but we should be trying to raise awareness for all different cultures, not just specifically Mexicans.

Kristen Sproul
Salt Lake City

Editor’s note: Ask a Mexican is a nationally syndicated column. Author Gustavo Arellano’s stated purpose with his column is to humorously confront stereotypes.

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