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I find it amazing how uneducated the majority of humans are, but I truly believe that is the fault of those in power who determine what the average citizen gets to see and hear about, via the news, the radio, television, etc. It is my belief that current “news” is not told to the masses until those in charge have adapted it to the way they want it reported and they feel the timing is beneficial to them, whoever they might be.

Why is it that when a person turns 18, they are not automatically allowed to vote in the United States? Why, when 18-year-old men are obligated to register themselves in case the draft is re-instituted, are they not automatically registered to vote? How is it that our government feels that 18 is an age appropriate to kill or potentially be killed, but not to drink alcohol or, in some states, smoke cigarettes?

Why do the members of government, who decide what minimum wage is acceptable for others to live on, not first have to try and live on it themselves for a month, instead of their own salaries? What factors do they use to justify that decision?

Why is birth control not free? Is there truly anyone who believes that teaching abstinence only, and not birth-control methods, is going to stop kids from having sex, thereby creating more babies they can’t support, which may lead them to abortion?

Why don’t those opposed to abortion adopt a baby? And, more importantly, why, once that fetus is born, do they stop caring what type of life it is subjected to and the environment in which it is raised once there is no longer any doubt as to its humanness?

How dare those who protest against abortion not care that once an unwanted child is born and goes home to live, it begins life hungry, dirty, sick, poor, neglected—living in hell. If you truly believe abortion is wrong, adopt a child. Promote sexual education in schools, condoms in the restrooms, education over ignorance and work to prevent the many who choose abortion from getting pregnant in the first place.

Why do you have to take classes and pass two tests to drive a car, and take a class to complete a divorce, but no classes to have a baby?

I guess my entire point is: “Take off the blinders.” Let’s face the truth about the poor way our country runs and how many U.S. citizens fight and struggle every day to stay alive and/or pay their bills.

It is not in any way funny how we ignore the obvious about ourselves, and we are starting to cause anarchy in the masses, which is what is going to lead to the destruction of the human race.

Best of luck to the human race, I say. Stop propagating ignorance among the masses. That’s a poor choice if we care to survive as a species, especially since, according to the Mayan calendar and others, we will destruct on 12/21/12. Of course, 10 percent of us will survive—5 percent being the politicians hiding inside mountains (even though there will be no society left for them to govern).

Jessica Satterfield
Cottonwood Heights

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