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Re: John Saltas' "Old Man Writer" 

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Re: John Saltas’ “Old Man Writer” [Private Eye, July 28, City Weekly]

Bob Becker: Re: City Weekly being largely for the young, or so your column implies: This Fort Ogden Geezer (68) and decade-long reader of CW says screw you and the horse you rode in on.

Now, with that out of the way, Sonny, let’s talk about columns: I read every issue without fail: Saltas (except when he’s in his Greekitude Phase), Rasmuson, Frost on True TV, Scheffler on food and wine.

I rarely read Sorensen and I no longer read “Ask a Mexican.” Used to, but at some point a couple of years ago every column seemed to be one I’d read before. It’s funny the first hundred times. After that, not so much.

Seeking younger columnists just to have younger columnists seems pointless to me. Seeking good columnists (interesting ideas, well expressed) ought to be the goal, regardless of how old the columnist might be.

And if a youth movement in the editorial offices of the CW means more lead story drivel like July 21’s “Coldest Beers” nonsense, then may the Flying Spaghetti Monster grant you the wisdom to find older and wiser heads to hire. (See Thomas Thompson’s excellent letter “Beer Banality” in July 28’s issue.)

I’ve been arguing up here in Fort Ogden for years now that the CW does the best investigative reporting in the state in your lead stories each week. “Coldest Beers” does not help me make my point.

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