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Proposed Act Will Dump More Mentally Ill 

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Proposed Act Will Dump More Mentally Ill
In an Aug. 6 letter titled "Put Disabled People to Work" [Letters, City Weekly], the author is pushing the next step of the Republican agenda to gut the national safety net for the poor and put the rest of the disabled out onto the streets.

It began during the Reagan Era when nearly all the live-in psychiatric hospitals were emptied out and closed down. Americans were told that the mentally ill could be better and more cheaply be cared for in their own homes and communities, and could be better integrated into society, live more productive lives and find jobs. They were promised adequate funding for the needed services.

As a result, vast numbers of the mentally ill were dumped onto the street, causing the bulk of our current populations of homeless. Some were lucky enough to qualify for safety-net programs such as Social Security Disability and Medicaid.

With the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act, those who made empty promises before are once again putting lipstick on their sadistic sociopathic pig—getting rid of the safety net for the disabled and everyone else—except the filthy rich. Again, with the promise of jobs, income and purpose for the disabled. And again, those who are unable to do or find living-wage work will be dumped onto the streets, where they could be neglected, abused and die in the streets, among the rest of the now far-greater numbers of homeless.
Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

Odd Job Description
If most young men saw the following help wanted ad, would they jump at this opportunity?

"Wanted: 19 year-old non-gay males for unique sales opportunity. Two-year commitment required. Go to exotic countries, or possibly stay in Utah. The corporation will have total control in assigning your location. You will be expected to sell an out-of-date product based on lies and myths. Successful applicants will share meager housing with one or more roommates, who will be trained by corporate to monitor you, to ensure you are fulfilling all directives regarding your sales and your private life.

"During your two-year assignment, you will be required to have no sexual thought, nor may you participate in any sexual activity with others or yourself.

"It should be noted the corporation does not provide the sales staff any compensation: no salary, no bonuses. Unless your family can support you, this may not be the job for you.

"Successful applicants will be expected to work beyond the traditional eight-hour day and standard 40-hour week. Since there is no salary, there can be no overtime.

"Corporate will provide the only reading material you will be allowed to have. Also, sales personnel will not be allowed to leave their assigned post if a parent, sibling, grandparent or any other loved one suffers from a fatal illness, accident or death. As the good old boys at corporate like to say, 'Suck it up!'

"Just to further clarify, our sales personnel are forbidden to use any of their two-year time to study for college, date or otherwise get on with their lives.

"Some in other sales organizations express amazement at our rate of hiring and limited turnover. We are frequently asked to share the centerpiece of our success. We share with them one word: guilt.

"Come on, all of you mostly white, straight, male 19 year-olds. Operators are standing by.

"Addendum: Young women may also apply. Some have been known to work up to leadership positions. However, as soon as we find out, we immediately terminate them."
Ted Ottinger

Correction: Rocky Mountain Power's solar net-meter customers in Utah may receive billing credits for excess energy produced. City Weekly's Aug. 6 cover story, "Power Struggle," stated otherwise.

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