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Princess Nika 

Miss City Weekly 2014 readies to pass the drag title

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Princess Nika
  • Princess Nika

Princess Nika is a lifelong Salt Laker who has been doing drag since 2009. She won last year's Miss City Weekly pageant and will help judge the 2015 competition June 4 at 9 p.m. at Club Elevate (155 W. 200 South, 801-478-4310, Look for Princess Nika to crown the new queen and do her farewell performance. The sixth annual Miss City Weekly Pride Pageant, held to kick off Pride weekend, will also include performances by former Misses City Weekly Drewnicorn (2010), Nikki James (2011), Angela Saxton (2013), as well as performer Flame Fatale from Fusion Saturdays.

What can you say about your drag personality?
I am sassy, sexy and built on a lot of boldness. I am a perfectionist and love to create new looks depending on my mood. I am friendly, and meeting new people is always a thrill. Getting to introduce people to the world of drag is one of the best parts of my passion for drag.

What constitutes true beauty?
Each of us represents true beauty. We are all unique and different, and we can't be defined by what we see in the media but rather how we can exemplify our own unique characteristics.

How does it feel to be the prettiest girl in the room?
Honestly, I don't know. If drag queens say they are the prettiest, they are lying, because I am always trying to improve my look and myself. I put so much effort into the way I portray myself to the world from the top of my head to what goes on my feet. If you like it, great; if not, then at least you will be talking about it.

Do you have any tips for owning it on the catwalk?
Practice! Practice! Practice! Even if you have no clue what you're doing, put some of your personality into it, and it will make people interested.

How has your life changed since being crowned Miss City Weekly?
Well, for one, I will forever be Miss City Weekly 2014, and no one can take that from me. I have definitely enjoyed the recognition that comes along with the title and the new friends that I have met because of the pageant.

Any advice for this year's pageant contestants?
Let me reach into my clutch for some pearls of wisdom: 1. Wear something flashy, something that will catch the judges' attention. 2. Use any opportunity on stage to show off your personality. 3. Give everything you've got, and don't hold back—the worst is thinking you didn't do enough. And, finally, 4. Make sure you know where the edge of the stage is. I do my own hair, of course! It should be part of Drag 101 for any new and upcoming queen. Don't be scared of a teasing brush or a can of hair spray—they will become your best friends. Drag is about creativity, and I love to be hands-on when it comes to my hair, makeup and clothing.

What is hip?
Hip is finding a style that is inspired by what you like. You can pull inspiration from numerous sources: the media, the Internet, fashion magazines, a person walking down the street, a photograph in City Weekly. Taking that inspiration and being creative will give you something unique that others may find cool and innovative—dare I say, hip?

What makes you blush?
When people are extremely excited to meet me. I feel like a mini "celebrity," sometimes.

Are you not a girl? Or not yet a woman? (a la Britney Spears)
I'm definitely in that "while I'm in between" time. In the world of a drag queen, there is always opportunity to keep learning and growing from every experience. I have come so far in doing drag. I can only learn more and do more and see more.

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