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Popples People 

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The article, “No Movie, Please” [Dec. 20, City Weekly] brought back a fun memory. It involves one of the ’80s properties Bryan Young mentioned but stems from said property’s revival in the past decade. It involves the hilariously insane line, “[Popples] are better than Transformers.”

During the 2007 revival period, I was looking through Kmart’s ad in the Sunday paper, which was advertising Popples. I showed the ad to my friend, and she got all excited, and started talking about how much she likes Popples and how she still has hers. I was unthrilled, rolling my eyes, twirling my finger, etc. She said, “What’s wrong? Don’t you like Popples?”

In the best Homer Simpson-esque sarcastic voice I could muster (which wasn’t much, since I was sick and well on my way to laryngitis), I said “Look at me, I’m so exciting! I turn into a fuzzy ball! I’m so cool!”

I have to assume that if she’d taken a few seconds to think, she wouldn’t have said what she did, because in my opinion, it’s probably the most hilariously ridiculous thing I’ve heard in months, which is the subject of our debate: “Well, they’re better than Transformers!”

Also, I am sad to tell Bryan Young that one of his apocalyptic scenarios may come to pass: There is a Stretch Armstrong movie in development.

Livermore, Calif.

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