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Piroshky Pop-up 

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Piroshky Pop-up
The Seattle-based bakery Piroshky Piroshky (piroshkybakery.com) will be bringing their Eastern European menu to Utah for a one-day pop-up event on Sept. 7. Piroshky Piroshky has made a name for itself as one of the go-to eateries in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market for its take on the piroshka, a Russian version of the pierogi. They're delightful, buttery pastries that are filled with either sweet or savory options, and they're excellent for those seeking a hand-held option that packs a lot of flavor. Fans of Russian food can also order meat-filled dumplings called pelmeni or servings of crimson borscht. Preorders are open now, but pickup will take place at 255 Crossroad Square from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Mountain West Hard Cider Nabs Award
The team at Mountain West Hard Cider (mountainwestcider.com) recently shook things up with a win at The Great American International Cider Competition in New York. Their Elliott Gold cider earned first place in the Modern Cider category, putting our local cider house in the international limelight. What's more interesting is that this brand of cider was made from the Elliott apple that was born right here in Utah—it's a child of the '80s, just like yours truly. It's exciting when any of our local distilleries and breweries gain national or international acclaim, so we're all kinds of excited for the Mountain West Hard Cider team for this victory. Congratulations!

Corleone Opens
A fast-casual Italian restaurant called Corleone (2121 S. McClelland Street, Ste. 108, 801-935-4141, corleoneitalianfood.com) recently set up shop in the space formerly occupied by Chronic Tacos. After perusing their menu, it looks like the kind of place that will satisfy that niche diner who wants to get quick Italian food without having to visit a pizza place. They've got all kinds of pasta—yay gnocchi!—and diners can choose among a nice variety of sauces like Bolognese, crema funghi, or the Corleone Special with smoked salmon cream and white wine for their pasta excursion. With additional add-ons and a side menu that includes meatballs, it's shaping up to be an ideal venture for those who want to create the pasta dish of their dreams.

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