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Pedal Arrogance 

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I work in an office where everyone considers my cubicle their front door to come into and do whatever they please. In fact, it is so great here that I even get to sit back and read City Weekly while listening to fellow co-workers gossip about the “hot topic” of the day. For example, today everyone is gossiping about the new iPad.

My point is, I have heard everyone here gripe and moan about inconsiderate bicyclists [“Future Dead People,” Jan. 28, City Weekly]. My boyfriend and I have the same pet peeve as John Saltas. The funny thing is, I never had this problem until it was considered “hip” to ride bicycles instead of driving.

All these years, people just forgot about bicycles and how great they can be. So now, they are riding around town on bikes and they forget what it was like to drive.

It is especially irritating to hear people argue about how much better their bikes are than everyone else’s. This seemed to be a major cause of fights during the Twilight concert series this past summer.

Like you said, what can you do? I choose to laugh at them, and tell them how ridiculous they are being, and I make it known when someone is being a jackass while riding his or her bike.

Thank you for the article. I got a real kick out of it. 

Natalie Stubbs

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