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Pastrami Burgers Are Sacrosanct 

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The love you take is equal to the love you make—so it’s no wonder that, after City Weekly’s annual orgy of sharing and caring (i.e. the Best of Utah issue) went online, the comments board has become a veritable lovefest, bubbling over with sweetness, light and goodwill—which is just the sort of thing Rant Control is glad to see on a sunshiny spring day. First of all, “tkcr79” wanted us to know that, like Joe at Union Park, her own favorite Walmart greeter has the stuff of greatness:

“I love this article, but I must disagree, or at least add an additional ‘Best of’—my West Valley Walmart greeter is a wonderful, friendly man, a Pacific Islander who, when he isn´t welcoming you in enthusiatic tones, is singing beautifully and loudly, serenading all who walk through the doors. I love him!”

After hearing that, Rant Control loves him, too! Although it must be admitted that I prefer Costco for my 5-gallon-drum peanut-butter purchases. The “greeters” there merely strip-search you on the way out the door before impaling your 15-foot receipt tape on a ball-point pen. (No one knows why; it’s just their way.)

Next up, we have “Green Guy,” who lamented an omission:

“I´ll let it slide this year because it´s relatively new, but if Bevalo doesn´t get a nod somewhere for coffee next year, I´ll know the whole things rigged.” Obviously, a man who loves his coffee! Although … just a little threatening. Rant Control will certainly have to watch out for Green Guy! Ah, well, another one of his comments was in agreement with the readers’ pick for Best Burger

“Crown Burger is absolutely the best. Great folks, great food. Don´t mess with the Greeks!”

Mess with the Greeks? Rant Control wouldn’t dare

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