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Party Rockers 

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Have cops ever showed up to one of your parties?

Kolbie Stonehocker: I don’t put up with people being assholes at my parties. I would bounce a troublemaker long before the cops showed up.

Bryan Bale: When I was living near the Capitol, a couple officers came out to a party I was hosting. I was part of a band that was playing live music. The officers told us that someone had called to complain, and they were obligated to shut us down. But one of them also mentioned something about a noise permit that we could get (for future parties), and if we had one of those, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. They were actually pretty nice about it.

Rachel Scott: I used to throw raging parties at my apartment on First Avenue, but the landlords only threatened to call the cops once. I’m not gonna lie; I was too high to care, so we just kept on partying!

Bryan Mannos: I had cops called to a party for noise violation. I asked them to measure the decibel level at the curb and was told to go inside while he proceeded to take and hold the house owner’s driver’s license until he signed a form agreeing if they got called back that night it would be an automatic admission of guilt with a large fine. I called dispatch and complained of officer harassment. They sent a sergeant who “diffused” the situation, avoiding us having to sign the form. We quit lighting bottle rockets down the street after that.

Jackie Briggs: Yes, when I was underage. The usual ensued: all kids scattered, jumped over fences, hid behind cars and under piles of hay (we partied at the farm kids’ houses). Now, as an adult, it’s hard to end a party—stretching your arms and yawning repeatedly doesn’t produce the same sense of urgency as “Run, cops!” Although I think I may scream that at my next gathering to see how much fight my friends have left in ’em.

Susan Kruithof: The craziest parties I’ve ever been too are City Weekly parties, held in bars. Although I’m not sure how we’ve managed not to have police show up to, say, Port O’Call, back in the day.

Scott Renshaw: The neighbors did call the police on a loud party my post-college roommates and I had 20-some years ago. But police back then had those funny curly mustaches and big batons and loved to bend an elbow, so it was all jolly good fun.

Jordan Wallis: It was Halloween and I was dressed like Steve Zissou. The cops came and forced everybody overboard. I was waiting for a friend (David Bowie) and, like the Captain, went down with the ship.

Jeff Reese: There have been several occasions where the police have graced me with their presence while having a late-night gathering. I find it difficult to not draw the conclusion that they would rather I not have them at all. In one case, I was given a warning that it was too loud. I then had the DJ turn the music down and brought everyone inside. The officers showed up a second time shortly after and told me to send everyone home. I went inside and told everyone to arrange for cab rides if they had been drinking. I came back out and respectfully told the officers that people were waiting for rides, which apparently upset them. I was then put in handcuffs and taken to jail, with my house still full of people and unlocked. The judge later said it is up to the officer if they want to take you to jail for the night, but that I could file a complaint as it seemed excessive. My lawyer advised against it, since it would only serve to incite the department further.

Margaux Lodge: At our wedding, we had cops show up right at 10, as we were finishing things up. However, we happened to have an undercover narcotics officer who was attending as our guest, as well as an undercover vice officer. They were both parked in our driveway, and when their license plates got run, the cops who had been called received a specific message- something to the tune of “Whoever is running this plate for whatever reason needs to leave and not ask any questions.” Needless to say, our party went on undisturbed.

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