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For lawmakers and politicians of all stripes, the holidays are a time to disappear from the public eye. During this lull, one thing you can do is better prepare for a new and fruitful year by becoming more aware and engaged in your community. A great, albeit obvious, way to accomplish this is to subscribe to a newspaper. If local news is your jam, give one of the local dailies a try. If you're looking for national news, The New York Times prints its paper right here in Salt Lake City and offers home delivery. Once you're sufficiently informed, head on down to The People's Coffee shop to protest police brutality, and ring in the new year with a big protest.

Read a Newspaper

Coming from a newspaper reporter, this might not mean much. But reading a newspaper on a regular basis remains a fine way (the best, really) to stay informed about what's happening in your community, state, nation and the world. This medium—be it through online delivery or to your doorstep—is going through some rough financial times. The best way to support newspapers, the journalists they employ and the news they provide, is to pay for a subscription. Online subscriptions and print subscriptions for varying days and habits are available. And compared to what you pay for the internet, Netflix, HBO Go and that iPhone data package, the $58.92 you could drop on a 12-week, every day paper and online subscription to The Salt Lake Tribune is a bargain. Subscribe to the Trib and Deseret News at; The New York Times at

Protest Central
Saturday, Dec. 27

A group of social-justice advocates will meet at The People's Coffee shop on 300 South to discuss the latest issues facing Utahns. And lately, a key focus has been police brutality. This will likely be the topic when the group, Activist Corner, meets this week, ahead of a protest organized by Utah Against Police Brutality, pegged for New Year's Eve. If you have a hankering for speaking out, this is probably your place: On Dec. 19, Activist Corner members shut down off ramps to Interstate 15.
The People's Coffee shop, 221 E. 300 South, Salt Lake City, Dec. 27, 6:30 p.m.

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