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Palin for President? 

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Do you think Sarah Palin is the woman best suited for the presidency? If not, then who?

Nick Clark: Your mom.

Scott Renshaw: Is this a question about the quality of her suits? They are impeccably tailored, I will grant you.

Ted Scheffler: Sarah Palin, president? That’s when I finally give up and move to Sweden. Rather, I’d like to see Hope Woodside in the White House. She’s intelligent. She’s funny. And she’s not too hard on the eyes, either.

Paula Saltas: I’m assuming this is just a formality before my nomination. You betcha!

Leo Dirr: My vote is for Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life.

James Reifenberger: Do you want the entire world to be stupid? If I could only choose a female candidate, my vote would be for Christine Smith, libertarian for President 2016. She represents almost everything I believe in, including small government!

Julie Erickson: As a woman, I’m ashamed that our gender is affiliated with Sarah Palin. Go with the Pirate Rogue beer, Sarah—it’s the best!

Rachel Scott: I would rather slit my wrists and do push-ups in salt water before I see Sarah Palin running for anything ever again!

Josh Loftin: Meghan McCain running with Bristol Palin would be a great 2012 GOP ticket. Who wouldn’t support McCain/Palin: The Teen Years?

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