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Over the hill 

Don’t trust anyone over 30, right?

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Don’t trust anyone over 30, right?

Jeff Chipian: No way! By that age people know all the tiny tricks to manipulate you into doing things you don’t like doing. Like taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn. It’s like they have some magical power or “the force” controlling you.

Scott Renshaw: That’s too limiting. Just don’t trust anyone. Of any age, race, gender, religion or disposition. Ever. Just avoid trust or any kind of vulnerable human connection, and live in a solitary bubble of cynicism and despair, circling the drain of life until your inevitable death. Let me know how that works out for you.

Ylish Merkley: Never again. They don’t even know what #boon means.

Rachel Piper: There are people over 30 I trust and some I don’t. Same with people under 30. Age doesn’t make anyone more honest or respectable. But, you should never trust anyone under 10—kids are liars!

Pete Saltas: If you were taught life lessons from anybody besides Mr. Feeny, then I don’t trust you.

Jackie Briggs: I don’t know, I think most people under 30 are dumb. Have people over 30 always felt this way? Joke’s on the youth, I guess.

Eric Peterson: What? Why would you trust someone under 30? If you’re under 30, chances are that you just haven’t dealt with enough shit in life to really know what the hell’s going on in the first place. It’s a sliding scale of course, depending on the person, but 30 is a good milestone for becoming cynical, and therefore cognizant of the world around you. 

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