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Summer & Fall Outdoor Recreation Guide 2014

Summer & Fall Outdoor Recreation Guide 2014

Is the call of your great Utah adventure on hold? Far too often, we who live in the great state of "Life Elevated" (Utah's promotional tagline) just imagine we're living the dream.

Reach for the Stars

Explore the night sky on a dark desert hike
Isn’t it time you explored another Utah-provided national treasure: world-class dark skies? A new-moon night sky in the deep desert is like a mini big bang of beauty; it will crush your heart an

Big Time Rush

Grab the kids and the kayak for a fun weekend float or a wild whitewater ride.
There’s a reason early explorers scoured the West for river passages: access. The middle-of-nowhere places that a river can take you will demand your undivided, awe-inspired attention. And while

On the Rocks

The rock climbing found in Utah is internationally renowned, and it takes only a quick glance at the geology of the state to see why. From the granite walls and boulders of the Wasatch to the red-

Leave 'Em in the Dust

Many outdoor activities come with a steep premium to get started—road and mountain bikes, rock-climbing gear, kayaks and paddles can all cost thousands of dollars. Then there’s the ancilla

Gear solid

Stock up on the basics, prepare for emergencies and indulge in a new gizmo or two.
Burton BeeracudaFive in the chamber, one ready to guzzle.Burton’s research & development team loves just one thing as much as it loves powder lines: tubes of cold beer. So, Burton invests in

Off the Eaten Path

Play hard, then eat hearty at these far-flung Utah restaurants.
Maybe you’ve just had the most epic day of your life. Or maybe you’ve had a day of nonstop crashes and burns. Either way, that handful of trail mix just isn’t going to cut it. Luckil


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