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Optimism Needed 

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It’s sad to see City Weekly becoming more mainstream, commercial and sanitized when it comes to television reporting. Bill Frost’s True TV [“Miami Heat,” May 31] highlights finales and debuts of dancers, best girlfriends, “sex, nudity, violence,” Wyoming cops and Kendra. By overlooking the two-hour season finale of Fox’s Touch, probably the best-quality series currently on television, it seems like City Weekly is only interested in what’s bad and mediocre.

Touch represents a new and fresh look at the goodness of people with an emphasis on human connections and compassion on a global scale. This Kiefer Sutherland production offers an amazingly optimistic and humanistic message sorely needed in this world.

Apparently, City Weekly seems to have regressed to negative stereotypes and the throwaways on television.

Tab L. Uno

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