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Off the Eaten Path: Sushi Burrito 

Big, bodacious burrito-style sushi rolls

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I miss Guzzi's Burgers & Fries, which was located in the stand-alone space that is now home to Sushi Burrito on 8th. If you love sushi and you love burritos, you may also love Sushi Burrito. The concept is a simple one: take typical ingredients of a sushi roll and super-size them. The sushi burrito is really neither sushi nor a burrito. It's a sort of Frankenfood. I'd call it a "shwrapito," since it's essentially a wrap-size sushi roll. Thankfully, standard burrito stuffings don't appear in the sushi burrito.

Most of Sushi Burritos rolls are a large piece of nori (seaweed) that serves as a "wrap." Inside are a range of filling options, but most include sushi rice, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, and one sort of protein or another: teriyaki beef, tuna, albacore, escolar, salmon, yellowtail and such.

This is not subtle food; Takashi it ain't. However, the popularity of Sushi Burrito in part has to do with the bang-for-the-buck it offers. Rolls nearly the size of my forearm seem to have great appeal to the (mostly) college-age kids who line up at Sushi Burrito, and all of them are priced under ten bucks.

Of the Sushi Burrito offerings I've tried, I like the Cosmo best. It's escolar, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, jalapeƱo, sprouts, sliced lemon, ponzu sauce and tempura "crunchies."

Sushi Burrito also offers bento boxes featuring teriyaki, katsu, tempura and curry, as well as starters such as gyoza, edamame, squid salad and miso soup.

If you're looking for a sushi roll that could serve as the biggest meal of the week, Sushi Burrito has your number.

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