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Re: “Neighborhood Watched

You asked, and you received. can I prove it yes. with many hours gathering evidence for Internal affairs. starting in 1996 to present day today. and I'll buypass your crooked little town. that I grew up around. thanx.and my name is Gary carter and I've never been in front of this stoney. but he's letting your officers. do illegal things. which will reflect. in public information tape counters. and records. and g.r.a.m.a.. go get them and see for yourself. .I'm going to now that I know it has spread to there.but I think I'll send runners to pick it up. Wwjd Love always Gary carter

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Posted by null on 01/09/2019 at 7:36 AM

Re: “Neighborhood Watched

I have no clue who stoney is.but as far as corruption goes. Jason Gregory ruch is a flipin criminal . And the rest of them, are aiding and abetting. I was asaulted by your police. detained over a slow blinker. I'm not a felon have n never been on Probation with a.pnp. and am disabled. My only crime was asking for help from the narcotics enforcement . Team back in 1996 and there answer was to put n.i.'s in my children's home and sell drugs. When I went and told them to get there informants out of my kids house they laughed at I spent the next few years investigating them and I have to say that you people who are naive open your eyes. How could you be so stupid wake the f___ up. It could be your kids who have drugs pushed around them. FYI the net sold and made more drugs than the drug dealers did. They created many problems that never would have arose had it not been of there corruption. Follow net. From American fork . To pleasant Grove to orem. And everywhere they went. The evidence in the evidence room came up missing. And after they were disbanded some of those officers made it to West valley City where a little girl got shot in the back of the head.and the evidence was in the trunk of a car for over a year. Isn't this where he that you speak of is from.? I was asaulted by But those officers are from this county. I have to say do people really believe those drugs were in that trunk for over a year. Hello w.t.f.u. these people are above the laws that they set for others.
in orem on 1600 n and around 5th or 7th east kiddy corner from the church there's a net home. Major crimes task force now. which your city is part of. That home is where net cooked amphetamines and sold it to the public in there operations. Which many lasted up to 2 years that's 2 years of putting drugs on the streets. Who knows maybe your kids tried drugs because of them. Go see that house it's the only one there that has amassed many of there seizure vehicles RVs boats ECT only thing is if your not above the law you can't store all that stuff there. because of city codes. this'is proof positive of above the laws. The amount of corruption going on, is major. and effects all of us in the end. How many of your officers. are in this corrupt group of criminals. because some are. I'll have you know. And 1 of them, assaulted me, and took my constitutional rights away from me. And set me up. I'll admit all your officers wasn't liking, or doing what that officer told them, to do, but they. Allowed him to do it. which incriminates them also. aiding and abetting . And you have no internal affairs. of any type. the proof is on 3 body cams, and 4 dash cams. yet I can be assaulted, agravated asaulted, and I'm elderly, disabled, and hand cuffed. Thrown in jail, not given a phone call. or see a judge, for 9 days. and when I finally do. the judge says, it was bondable the whole time. And has to put a special notation in. so I can bail out. This is witness tampering, and evidence tampering. now it's over 2 months. and the only evidence they want to provide. is what dosent incriminate them. Well guess what, there going to produce it. because there on tape. admitting to have it Already. they can't go back. So I get charged with 9 charges 1, felony 6 misdemeanors and 2 infractions but when I go to court they've dropped the felony and the infractions that I was pulled over for. Which was going to slow 35 in a 45 in an oversized motorhome and a slow blinker. I've got the insurance cards that they never gave me a chance to find. So now three charges are left on me. misdemeanors and they want to offer me to take 1 and they'll dismiss the rest. And I'm supposed to be the criminal. there was 7 people in the motorhome 1 a female had warrants and was lieing about her name so I gave it to the officers yet I'm charged with obstruction of justice. It says in the report that I helped them so how the hell am I obstructing. I'm searched 2times by 2 different officers as stated in the report and all I have on is coveralls with pajamas underneath I'm hand cuffed and put in the patrol car box and strapped down to go to jail. When the guy j.r. says we're moving to a different car and putting the female where he's at.for no reason both cars went to the jail. Both officers were male this is after. he apparently or supposedly. found drugs in the motorhome somewhere. and had put it on the hood of the car. and witnesses and there own dash cams there withholding seen him pick it up and head for me in the car. he reaches in and unstraps the seat belt and pulls me out and has my hands and yells what's in your hands I turn my head and see stuff falling on the ground. And said you put that there. They had called the dog in. And took it to the motorhome said up up and the dog got up on its hind then said it keyed on the vehicle for drugs. I have a video. I got off of Facebook. of the same dog, Ricoh. it shows him getting up on his hind legs when these say up up. not only that but the dog came by me 2times on the way there and on the way back and this dog never keyed on me because they never said up up by me and I had no drugs on me but suddenly I had drugs on me. after bieng searched, 2 times and hand cuffed. And strapped in a car box I'm must be frickin Houdini. Not to mention the fact that I'm disabled I have 2 cadavar bones a titanium plate and 4 screws in My neck. Levels c-4-. C-7. So scratch Houdini I'm a friggin warlock or a witch with magical powers , and also I was given multiple drug and alchohol tests for around 45 min flashlight in my eyes and out. Yet I wasn't charged. a DUI. so obviously I passed. was told they were going to blood test me. and I said go ahead. but they never did. Top that all off, with your officer. calling me a piece of shit and asking a girl and friend why there with this piece of shit. And are you just his peice of ass for the night. Basically calling her a hoor. And some of you don't think you have a problem in your town. W.t.f.u. and the answer is no I've never in my life been charged with methamphetamines or been on adult parole and probation or been convicted of a felony. And when I sue the pants off your town and they settle out of court you will never read about it in the paper. or see it on the news. when the dea comes down from salt lake, and arrests the head of the narcotics enforcement team. And Richard case is busted to bailiff for a year. And Andre leavitt is put in a rehab in American that is and was created soley for police officers. And all this for protecting my children trust me you have a problem. and I pray to God. it doesn't end up involving your children. like it did mine. Good luck to those of you who think there's no problem. But your officer's committed multiple felony's and misdemeanors against 7 people on Nov 5th 2018 and so far through all there tampering and hate crimes against me there above the laws set for others. hopefully it won't involve you. but careful they will sell the drugs and bring them to your house then charge you with child endangerment for what they created that's what recently happened in Spanish fork to some other people I know. Here again good luck I love you all even your crooked cops . and I forgive them but I'm not going to rest until these people are behind bars and never put in a position of athority again. God is here and there in his house and he's here to clean it and since 2012 I'm his messenger and servant to help get the job done watch the news this is going to be viral love you my friends. Gary carter

Posted by null on 01/09/2019 at 7:06 AM

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