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Not Gonna Happen 

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Interesting article about the Leonardo [“Burn Notice,” Nov. 3, City Weekly].

Since I live near Ogden, I don’t keep up on everything that happens in Salt Lake City. I knew the Leonardo was down there, and I knew it had been struggling to open for many years. So when I read somewhere that it finally did open, I had in my sights that I was going to come to Salt Lake City and bring my 18-year-old grandson with me to see what this place is all about.

But then I read in your article that the entrance fee is $14! That’s $28 for me to take the two of us to wander around and participate in whatever is there. No way! I don’t have $28 for an hour’s entertainment (plus the gas down and back).

I really don’t think it is ever going to get the projected 650 visitors per day that lab manager Jann Haworth mentioned in the article—not at $14 they aren’t.

I also read in the article that there is a ticket-sale forecast of $220,000 for the first month. At $14 per person, that is 524 people per day. No way. Never gonna happen.

I think Salt Lake City’s been had again by the Leonardo.

Peggy Bon
South Weber

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