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No More Sandbar, 8 Seconds @ The Westerner, Sky Bar & Indie Music @ Woodshed & W Lounge 

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Sandbar: R.I.P.
Some summertime-themed bars never make it through winter’s chill, and the Sandbar recently felt those pangs as it closed down. Maybe it will reopen, but right now it looks as if it won’t.

The Westerner
The Westerner is the only bar in town with a mechanical bull worth patronizing, this place is an eight-second ride of night-long possibilities. Downtown can be far away, so all you Westerners don’t have an excuse to not patronize a bar in close proximity, on 3360 South Redwood Road.

Sky Bar: #1 Out-of-Towners Bar In Town
If you’re from out of town and in the Red Lion Hotel, your best option for revelry is on the 13th floor in the Sky Bar (600 S. 200 West). Of course, we don’t think this really happens, but if you were interested (hypothetically) in a fling with someone from out of town, it would be really easy to pick up on them in their hotel—banging two birds with one stone. (Not that we endorse that in a nightlife column or anything.)

Thursdays are Latin night, and Fridays are Leather ‘n’ Lace Ladies Night, which we’re told are much hotter than the Tuesday-night karaoke we captured on film. Fridays and Saturdays are Top 40 with Bad Boy Brian and DJ Specialist!, respectively.

“Indie Music”: Not Hurting with Requests
The Woodshed (60 E. 800 South) and W Lounge (358 S. West Temple) both have indie nights on Wednesdays. “Indie Music Never Hurt Anyone” at the W and “Indie Requests” at Woodshed. Which “indie” night will win this unofficial bout? Are the “indie” styles so different between the two bars? What’s with the “W” in these bar names—coincidence? Questions we’d like answers to. Go find out, please.




Sky Bar Hotshots:
1. Danny Toone, Mindy Poole
2. Jessica Hawks
3. Sith Nath

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