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No More Private Clubs 

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Now that private clubs are gone, is there another liquor law you'd like to see changed?

Jamie Gadette: Two words: Free. Pour.

Tracey Stout: It’s new, it’s ridiculous: the I.D. scanner … it needs to go away.

Derek Carlisle: As I also work as a server, I think consumers should be responsible for their drinking. Why are servers fined for drinkers not knowing when to stop?

Brandon Burt: Those folks over at Jam have been very patiently waiting for their liquor license. And that Page 12 bartender? Woof! Let him pour cocktails!

Kathy Mueller: Dear God, I just want to buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store!

Sarah Bailey: I just wish the wine store stayed open later.

Paula Saltas: If I could buy boxed wine at Costco in bulk, that would be brilliant.

Julie Erickson: Yes. Plain and simple: 5 percent. Is that too much to ask?

Derek Jones: I think the next logical step is wine and liquor in the grocery store. Can I tell you how much I want a Costco that sells booze?

Susan Kruithof: I’d like to see the liquor stores become privately owned. I’m sick of the sterile environment of the state-run shops. Wouldn’t it be grand to buy wine and liquor at the grocery store!

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