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No, It’s Their Land 

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In regard to Stuart McDonald’s letter [“This Land Is Our Land,” May 1, City Weekly], the majority of Shoshone, Paiute and Goshute are on Cliven Bundy’s side because of what the BLM did to the elderly Dann sisters: Kill their cattle, sell them at auction, show up five times with helicopters and assault rifles.

In recent footage, you can see American Indians marching with Bundy. What happened to Bundy is child’s play compared to the millions of acres the government has stolen since the Treaty of Ruby Valley. BLM-loving white people have been illegally living on American Indian land forever. The feds euthanized 1,000 desert tortoises to get them out of the way.

These BLM government-is-god fascists don’t want the Shoshone-Newe to own or control any of their native lands? Funny, I don’t see you complaining about the uranium mine about to be built on “BLM” land. Never mind that uranium is the No. 1 reason there is no ozone layer.

I guess you forgot to check with the immigrants and black men who are on Bundy’s land with him. They knew what he was saying. That we are slaves under the current system, but that it affects different communities in different ways, and that we should all come together. Lakota activist Russell Means and Prince said almost the same thing.

Bundy is guilty of being an old dude who needs to take a class on political correctness, but that’s about it. Meanwhile, you may be reading this while chomping on a burger that came from a factory-farmed, inhumanely treated cow instead of one from a place like the Dann or Bundy ranch. Or maybe it’s turtle meat from the tortoises murdered by the government.

Jeffe Olafsson

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