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No Ice Cream for You 

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I operate ice cream bikes in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker recently banned ice cream sales in all Salt Lake City parks.

People love what I do. In this heat, selling ice cream and water from a bike is a public service. This year, I was having kids pick up trash for free ice cream if they did not have money.

Five police officers kicked me out of the park a few weeks ago. I have tried everything to deal with the parks and city. I even offered to pay 20 percent of my take to the Liberty Park concessionaire.

The parks department can issue permits. On July 3, there were numerous city employees kicking ice cream trucks out of the park. They would state that they needed a signed letter from the mayor. There were six people on three golf carts doing this—a waste of city resources.

The mayor’s office has stated it wants to protect the public from consumerism. If so, why are artists allowed to set up shop in the park?

One of the mayor’s aides told me, “The mayor doesn’t run the city, the people do.” I was further told the mayor really supported what I did but just did not know how to help.

In 2010, the mayor did the same thing. There was a big public outcry. After numerous stories in 2010, I was told it was a big misunderstanding.

Each department has said it was the other department’s responsibility. The police have stated there is an ordinance that hasn’t been enforced for decades.

When I walk my dogs through the park, people ask where I have been. I’m being put out of business even though there are solutions. Why kill any jobs in this economy?

Bret Cali
Stick Dog

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