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Blank Canvas

Downtown street is once again bustling, but key component is missing.

Conspiracy Theories

Government's case sets low bar for conspiracy charges on eve of J20 trial.

Electric Slide

Mayor says plans to shift toward clean energy are ambitious, achievable.

Snoozing Through Fascism

A slow-motion academic protest of fascism emerges after conference.
The great Russian-American writer Masha Gessen was on the stage last month at New York's Bard College in front of a sign that read "Crises of Democracy."

Enthusiasm Sustained

Two Salt Lake City councilmembers call it quits, look ahead to next chapter.
Lisa Adams' constituents were furious.

Fight or Flight

The Leonardo emerges from rocky financial start, prepares for next phase.
On its website, The Leonardo Museum in Library Square describes itself as a "community-powered" nonprofit.

'I Believe in Community Involvement'

Sim Gill responds to outcry following justified ruling in deadly Patrick Harmon shooting.
Chants of "Fire Sim Gill" and "Sim Gill, let's be clear, cops committed murder here," joined "No justice, no peace" and "Whose streets? Our streets!"

Quintana's Rule

Local attorney takes on immigrants' rights.
Danny Quintana is nothing if not lofty.

American Carnival

On costume and class in Trump's America.
The heat of 2017 has finally boiled all political chants down to their essence: "Fuck that shit!"

Monumental Fumble

Leaked Zinke memo provides a skewed view of protections.
Late last month, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke submitted a report on his review of 27 national monuments to the White House.

Full Disclosure

Dicey financials mar Sandy mayoral incumbent's campaign.
As the August primary drew near, Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan filed his first financial-disclosure report of the cycle.

Taking the Plunge

Once flourishing, derelict bath house faces uncertain future.
Between two lonely parks in northern Salt Lake City sits a perpetually locked building from a bygone era.

Love Letters

Correspondence between a young woman at the Topaz internment camp and her beloved sheds light on Trump's America.
David Hisato Yamate and Tamaki Tsubokura's courtship began in the summer of 1944.

Losing Bet

Will poker venue fold when homeless shelter hits?
Heidi Wandell, a director level executive who "would never be in bars if it wasn't for this poker game," worries.

Hear Them Roar

West High Panthers confront demons and soar at season-opener game.
It was the first game of the 2017 season, and Romeo Johnston was so nervous he felt like he was about to vomit.

Are We Great Again Yet?

On Charlottesville and the shattering of America.
Two middle-aged men—one black and one white—are walking up a street in downtown Charlottesville, Va., yelling at each other.

Wild Things

With habitats shrinking, local wildlife call urban areas home.
Zuni, who had lived at my parents' home since she was a kitten, was murdered by a raccoon several years ago.

Poli Libs (and Conservatives, too)

City Council hopefuls get the Mad Libs treatment.
Maddening, I'd presume.


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